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  1. Hello, just to say that Affinity Photo v1.7.0.331 beta always crash if you : - open any document - start to record macro - menu file > personas > Tone mapping - button "apply" > crash tell me if it work on your computer..
  2. SebBPhoto

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.5

    Hello, is there somewhere a road map of what will be available on the futur version of Affinity Photo ?
  3. yes, thanks for the reply, but i want to add a layer once all is loaded and align the new layer with the others. The "New Layer Stack" impose me to create an all new file. i want to take a picture, and load it in affinity. take a new shot, add it as a layer in affinity and then align it to the one existing. once that done, i add a mask layer to the 2nd picture to correct my first picture, take a new shot that correct new stuffs i want to correct (shadow, an object,...), add this shot as a new layer, align the new layer with the all others, and then add a new mask layer, and so on... if i must close all, and reload all each time it's a waste of time for me. photoshop can do it as you can see in the youtube link i've posted, i just wonder if this kind of option have an equivalent in affinity.. i hope this time i explain better what i'm trying to do ..
  4. is there a way to use this fonction once a picture is loaded and then i add a layer and want to align it to the frst layer ? For exemple, i shot handhold a picture, load it on affinity, shot a new one also handhold, import it using the "File > Place" fonction, and i want to align the new picture with the first one. I found a 1 minute video on youtube to show the exemple of what i'm trying to do : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj5fkY18xE0
  5. Hello, Is this fonction now available 2 years later and where can we set it up ?
  6. This is a big problem for me too.. i can't switch to Affinity Photo because of this only point. (JPEG must have clipping path inside the same file) Please let me know as soon as it will be released and you get a new client..