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  1. More precision about the issue above : 1 - It works with any new file (Affinity Designer Trial 1.3.2) 2 - If I transform rectangles to curves it is the same… 3 - If I rotate any element randomly, no bug anymore : 4 - And the weird deformations are different depending to the position on the layout :
  2. I've had a lot off issue with bolean operations. Here is another one I had yesterday with divide operation. I try to be as precise as possible. I hope it heps… First i draw a random rectangle Then I resize it to 50 mm square I copy it and paste over, the resize again to a 40mm/60mm rectangle I copy-paste again then rotate to 90° Then I apply the Divide operation : ouch ! It works only if I these steps one by one, exactly this way (resizing / rotation / resizing again…) and not with any dimensions. But I've encoutered similar issues several times…
  3. + 1 I'm currently benchmarking design applications and I'm surprised that it is still not in the roadmap… :huh: Should be among the first things to consider… That's so weird and disapointing… Designer is for me still a bêta without such a feature. Impossible to draw freely or paint. That's probably why all sample Artworks are made off geometric shapes…
  4. +1 me too ! Vector design apps are not only for logos ! What about handdrawn and handwritten stuff. We need it raw ! :)
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