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  1. Thanks, MEB! I've attached the source file here. subtraction-issue.afdesign
  2. Well this is really odd... Right after posting this I was rotating the shapes and tried subtracting again and it *miraculously* worked! Basically if you rotate the shapes by any amount (other than 0 and 180) the subtraction tool works perfectly. No idea why or how that makes any sense but fixed the problem anyway. Thought I'd share in case others had the same issue. -Ryan
  3. Hi, I'm experiencing a very strange issue with the "subtraction" tool in Designer. I'm attempting to subtract one very basic shape (a circle) from another (a rectangle). For some reason, if the circle's diameter is larger than the rectangle height, I get some funky artifacts showing up around the edges where the shapes intersect. If the circle's diameter is smaller than or equal to the rectangle height, the issue 'magically' goes away. I've attached a PDF of what's going on. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ryan subtraction.pdf
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