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  1. Hi, no matter how hard I try to do this the gradient is only effecting the fill and not the stroke. What am I doing wrong? Gary
  2. Hi, on the desktop version I can view and edit a mask layer by cmd clicking on the mask layer (I think it’s cmd click) to get just the black and white mask. Please can you tell me how to do this on iPad? many thanks Gary
  3. Hello, i have applied a gradient to objects several times and when I first create the gradient the tool uses just a straight line with one colour at each end (unless you add more of course) but when I have come back later to edit the gradient the single straight line has become an oblong with four colour nodes. Is this a bug or if not what’s the difference and why is it changing please? thanks Gary
  4. By the way. Please can you tell me which screen capture app you have used? Many thanks
  5. Thanks guys. So what is the difference between dragging something and getting the blue line to dragging something over the icon? i also tried the Boolean add before and ended up with one solid shape rather than individual squares? Gary
  6. Hi, i would like to see the same tool tips on the context toolbar at the middle bottom as you get on the toolbars as the side when you touch and hold the question mark. In many cases I am not sure what some of the icons mean and now they are smaller they are really hard for me to see so I would also like an option to chose if you want the larger icons as they were before v1.7. Many thanks Gary
  7. Yes they are smaller. This is not good for me either. I would like to see an option to have the bigger size icons.
  8. Hi, i have created a group comprising of several squares with a thin border each and want to clip an image to that group such that the image shows through the squares and the borders of the squares show as being on top of the image. when I drag the image to the group so that the blue line shows as half way in the group all that happens is the image is added to the group rather than clipped by the group. If I drag the image so that the blue line is half way through one of the squares in the group it clips just fine to that square but I want it clipped by all of the squares in the group. How can I get the image to be clipped by the entire group please? Many thanks Gary
  9. Thanks. So is it just telling me snapping is enabled or that I have done something? Thanks again.
  10. Hi, i have noticed that when I select items the borders kind of flash/pulse a different colour which fades out. Does that mean anything? Gary
  11. Hi, I have imported an .eps file using the place image command (perhaps there is a more correct way to do it) and want to change its colour to a specific solid RGB value. If I select it and just use the colour tool it does not change colour. I can change the colour with the recolour adjustment but then I do not get to select the RGB value. Please can you tell me the best way to do this please? Many thanks Gary
  12. Hi, I want to make a selection from a placed image and then copy and paste that selection to the background image and then just delete the placed image. However when I create the selection on the placed image in the selection persona and then copy and paste in the photo persona I get another complete copy of the placed image and not just the selection. Is that a bug? Thanks Gary
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