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  1. I have a similar problem. Lines created in ver 1.7 now do not export correctly. What I've discovered is the line is still there, but seems to only appear as a dot. I've attempted to change the size, colour, stroke weight, grouped it, ungrouped it, Deleted it from the document and re-pasted it, but it still does not export correctly. New lines created in 1.8 have to issues, and the line will export correctly in any other format, except any of the PDF presets. test.afdesign test.pdf
  2. I have found that when I create objects on additional Artboards the coordinates of the objects nodes seem to reference back to the rulers on the original Artboard1. e.g. Second Artboard created and object added. The rulers on the Artboard appear to have the correct origin, and with the move tool the object is showing that it has the coordinates of x=5mm y=5mm But when selecting the node on the object the nodes coordinates are incorrect All the work I do (layoing out for laser cutting) is via the node tool, so with the lack of DXF export and now this; it is a rage quit issue.
  3. Not as good as a dedicated DXF export from Designer
  4. Well I found that I can export to PDF and then convert to DXF with a free program called Any PDF to DWG Converter. Seem to work pretty well, there is an ever so slight scaling issue (hundredths of a mm) but that is tolerable as I'm sure my laser cutter mirror alignment is not nearly that accurate.
  5. It's to import into RDWorks for laser cutting. Strangely enough, PDF is not one of the file types that can be imported into RDWorks (and EPS files created from Designer seem to fail to load) so some conversion to DXF would still need to be done in another package.
  6. I'm curious to know what everyone's workflow is to create DXF files? Currently I'm having to export from Designer as an SVG, then open in Inkscape, amend the file (units, scaling etc) then save as a DXF. Does anyone have a better way to create DXF as the conversion to SVG does throw the dimensions off and requires intervention work in Inkscape. I'm wondering if it's even worth continuing to bothering with Designer and just move back to Illustrator.
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