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  1. I’ve updated to Hopefully the problem goes away
  2. Hi, for whatever it’s worth, I’ve used the beta here and there, probably three different versions of the 1.7 beta, and this most recent one feels significantly slower and more of a memory hog than the other versions of the 1.7 beta I’ve used. Previously, while using the 1.7 beta, everything I did felt incredibly fast compared to Affinity Photo 1.6, but after updating to this build a few days ago, it feels like things have slowed down significantly. It’s slightly better than 1.6, but it honestly feels like most of the major gains I noticed are gone. I’ve used it on two occasions to edit a photo and both times I’ve had to restart my computer after editing the photo because it gets the fan going so crazy even after closing other apps. I’m using an old computer (2013 MBP with 8 GB memory), but I was using the same computer for the other betas. My experience may be unique to me, but just in case you’ve made any changes that would be influencing this I thought I would let you know. I hadn’t updated the beta for a little while, so I can’t pinpoint at which point in the beta process this change might have been. Sorry, I know that isn’t very helpful.
  3. Hello, I keep having the same raw develop bug previously mentioned by several other people (but apparently not yet fixed) where a raw photo splits into two identical photos when I open a photo in the raw develop persona. It is not possible to edit it at all. This doesn't happen with jpgs and seems mostly (or maybe only) to happen when using the Apple Raw engine instead of the serif raw engine. I didn't have these issues with raw files while using Affinity photo in the past. This has happened with raw files from two separate cameras -- Sony RX100 m3 and Olympus Pen F Using a late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch on Mac os Mojave. 8gb RAM, 2.4 gz intel core i5 processor, graphics are intel iris 1536 mb Please help. I bought Affinity Photo so that I could use it with raw and jpeg files, not just jpegs.
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    Unable to export photo

    Yes, this made a big difference. Thank you.
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    Unable to export photo

    I’m now having the same problem on a photo with fewer edits, though also a photo developed from RAW. When I check activity monitor on my Mac, it says Affinity Photo is using 350-400% of my CPU, so this may be part of the problem. Any idea of what could be going wrong? I haven’t changed anything within settings, but maybe I need to adjust something within Affinity Photo relating to RAM usage or something?
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    Unable to export photo

    It’s an Affinity Photo file (.afphoto), not Affinity Design, but yes, I can share using the dropbox account. Thanks. I realize that there are probably a lot of (too many) edits, but I’m no expert, so please don’t judge my editing too much The file name is DSC02149.afphoto Thanks
  7. Hi, I’m having a problem with Affinity Photo, and am wondering if anybody has any suggestions as to how to fix. Because this isn’t the first time I’ve had this problem, I figure it’s worth asking so that I can maybe avoid it in the future. Basically, I cannot export an edited photo to jpeg from Affinity Photo. This doesn’t always happen, just mostly with photos that have a large number of edits. I’ve also noticed that this seems to happen more frequently with photos that begin as RAW files, but maybe I’m wrong about that. From the few past forum posts I could see on this topic, Affinity photo staff said that photos with a large number of edits would take longer to export or flatten. But I gave it over an hour last night and it still wouldn’t export. Likewise, when this has happened before, the photo/edits in question seem to get stuck, even if I restart computer and reopen the saved affinity photo file. I get that part of this is that my computer isn’t new — a 2013 MBP with 8 GB ram — but I’m hoping there’s a solution to this problem. It’s particularly frustrating because I started using Affinity Photo in large part because of the speed. For what it’s worth, I’m currently on Version 1.6.7, but I’ve had this problem going back to at least Version 1.5 Thanks