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  1. I second the request for a look-see at the table of contents - it would be a great help - thanks!
  2. Didn't quite work - when I used HSL and removed the saturation, it still left all of the colors on the warm side - a faint brown grey :(
  3. Hi Mike - I tried many things, so I can't remember if I did that or not. I didn't mention this, but it's important that the mosaic look exactly the same, just in greyscale. Nothing should change with regards to getting lighter or darker. Think B/w photo of this particular mosaic. I'll go mess around and report back. Thanks again! PS - Say hi to AZ - used to live in Mesa as a teenager :)
  4. Hi Everyone - flummoxed again :) I have a mosaic that I made, each square a separate vector element in a different color. I'll be using this image over and over, but each time in a different context. One thing I need to do is convert them all to grey scale. I need to keep them as individual editable items but can't figure out how to take them all and get rid of their color all at once. I know how to do that once it's saved as pixels, but not vector. I tried the different layer blending modes, but the closest I got turned them all a bit brown. Hope this isn't confusing! Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks Matt - off to give it a go. I knew it would be easy :) I'll use my 'thank you' to add to the chorus of people wanting some sort of thorough tutorial - one where you start by going over the interface, the tools (and what they're capable of) etc etc. The current tutorials are great, but are kind of like snapshots as to how to do specific things. That being said, I'll take them! Thanks again.
  6. Hopefully this is easy - I don't mind being embarrassed at all :) I'm having a tough time figuring out how to equally round off the three corners of a triangle. I want to go way beyond what you can do in the stroke palette – I want them really round. I've tried everything I could think of (which isn't much, because I'm pretty new to this) and looked at the tutorials but can't seem to get it to happen. Any tips? Thanks in advance :) Robert
  7. Thanks so much! Off to make sense of the snapping settings. I've never bothered with them in any of the other apps I've used outside of the default settings. Ok, off to make my next batch of mistakes :) Thanks again!
  8. Hi Paul - Thanks for your answer - are you sure? I had a few of my squares have the red outline at the same time... they were all in different places and each was it's own separate entity.
  9. Hi Everyone - I'm trying to draw a mosaic of different colored squares. I made bunch of squares, duped them, aligned them and changed their colors. I had trouble with some if the alignments but I can work that out. I've noticed that some of my squares have a thin red outline round them, even though their is no stroke. It's like the app is trying to tell me something but I don't understand :) I'm a bit new to working in vector - I know bits and pieces of various vector programs and am self taught. I looked around for answers but haven't found anything yet. I would love to stick this one out
  10. I second the request - is there currently plans to implement the importation of photoshop actions into Affinity Photo? Loving Affinity Designer, btw - I had to do a bunch of technical illustrations for a book and had to use sketch - quite the buggy nightmare, at least when I used it. If only you were around 1 ½ years ago :)
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