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  1. 1.9.2 windows. After refinement of a selection and then try to delete a part of it, will delete the selection complete. 

  2. Hi Chris, I’am ok now. Hope I help you by solving this issue.
  3. Hi Chris B, Sorry for the late response, but i just spend some time in an hospital. Hereby a rawfile. Just downloaded the new version AP. Still the same problem. JHO_0106.NEF
  4. In 1.7.4 there is still a problem with using the correct lens profiles. In 1.6.5 the develop persona shows the lens from another supplier (nikon in stead of Tamron) In 1.7.5 it does not come up with any lens. In the header you see the correct lens. Using lens destortion filter in the photo persona, nothing is shown. First you have to select the camera and then the correct lens. After doing so, the correction is made on the photo itself. What is the difference?? still don't know. From my point of vies the software can select the correct lens (it do so in the develop persona, see the header
  5. JanH

    Brushes circles

    I am using windows version.
  6. JanH

    Brushes circles

    link to a tutorial with double ring on brushes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UhBb3DRtEE&list=PLNmCXUKaTOArIM7wNBjnHQGYYAcGwPqmf&index=16&t=0s
  7. JanH

    Brushes circles

    In many Tutorials i see brushes showing with 2 circles. Mines always have 1. The Outer circle. Is this a setting somewhere? btw I am using Windows version of AP
  8. Hi Lee, Sorry for my late reaction. Yes the correct lens is in the list, but the wrong one is shown. (nikon in stead of tamron). I have 2 times the tamron lenses in the list. Attached you'll find a (test) picture taken with the lens. I have another small problem with affinity photo. Brushes normally are shown with 2 circles. Mine is always one circle. Perhaps this is a setting in the preferences, but i cannot find which one. _JHO0109.NEF
  9. When i load a picture made with a tamron 70-300mm lens. I see in the header the right reference, but the lens profile give another one. ???? I have only one EXIF for the picture. Lens prifile is the nikkor lens.
  10. You can have multiple website versions if necessary for every language and each version of the software. In the app just address the right file. Serif can ask us dutch to help them with the translation. I am retired and have some time left. But it is better that they do it. Keep in control of your own software.
  11. This is a browser that is build in and work like an external browser. Where files are kept is not so important for a browser. The best practise is to keep them on a website.
  12. Help files are all on line, so I couldn't see their sizes. Resource files are about 4 to 5 MB.
  13. agree. There are already some 8 to 10 languages, so there won't be many places, where elements must be sized.
  14. Never said it is a piece of cake. But don't use developpers for such a job. If translated to a user native language, many more copies will be sold in these countries. So the costs of a translator and tester for that language are then peanuts. And the beta versions will be tested by users.
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