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  1. When i load a picture made with a tamron 70-300mm lens. I see in the header the right reference, but the lens profile give another one. ???? I have only one EXIF for the picture. Lens prifile is the nikkor lens.
  2. Hi Friends, Found out, what goes wrong closing the file as .afphoto and unknown file type by reopening. If I save the file using the menu and directly after this i clos AP, then the error occurs. Probably the file is saved in the background in, i think, a separate thread. The thread is closed before finishing the saving of my file. Let me know if this is in deed the case.
  3. You can have multiple website versions if necessary for every language and each version of the software. In the app just address the right file. Serif can ask us dutch to help them with the translation. I am retired and have some time left. But it is better that they do it. Keep in control of your own software.
  4. This is a browser that is build in and work like an external browser. Where files are kept is not so important for a browser. The best practise is to keep them on a website.
  5. Help files are all on line, so I couldn't see their sizes. Resource files are about 4 to 5 MB.
  6. agree. There are already some 8 to 10 languages, so there won't be many places, where elements must be sized.
  7. Never said it is a piece of cake. But don't use developpers for such a job. If translated to a user native language, many more copies will be sold in these countries. So the costs of a translator and tester for that language are then peanuts. And the beta versions will be tested by users.
  8. In Windows, if you use Visual Studio, the best approach is to set all the text in a resource file. Just translate the strings in that file will do.
  9. Normally all the text in programs are stored in a file. I asumed that thuis is also within affinity. May be someone van make translations for you. Lots of the dutch Ushers are very pleased if affinity photo is translated in our native language. How do we do this.
  10. Hi Callum, Sorry for the late response, but this is my first time here, zo I do not know exactly where to find the right button. I can sent you an screen dump, but it is simply form the message, that you get, when opening a file, which file extension is not known by Affinity Photo. What I did and of course now don't to avoid the problem. I Close Affinity while there is a file open with a compilation of versious pictures in layers. After the reminder of closing the updated file (answer yes en point to the right directory) , Affinity closes (I think that the file is written in the background in another thread). I shutdown the computer immediately. No problems. The next time I open Affinity Photo and try to open that closed file, I got the message explained above. In the file browser I can see that the file has an extension afphoto. But there is a difference. All the files I can open have a preview (pictogram) of the picture with the affinity logo in the lower right corner, exept for the file I can't open this had only the Affinity pictogram. Now I wait till I am sure that the file is well written to disc before closing windows. Hope my english is well enough for you to understand.
  11. If you close a file, it is written to disc in the background. If you close AP before the background task is completed, the file get corrupted. You cannot open that file in AP.