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  1. Thanks to both of you. If I follow your settings, it works. I just have no idea why, haha. I need to sit down and figure out Blend Ranges apparently.
  2. Can someone please give me instructions or a link to a good tutorial for this skill I cannot figure out. I have watched tutorials, but none of them have given me quite what I need. I am using Affinity Designer. I need to change the color on the attached logo to all white so that I can put it on a colored background. Right now, it is on a solid white square. So, I would need it on a transparent background. Any help is great. I've tried and tried to figure it out. I know it can't be hard since I've seen designers do it quite effortlessly in PhotoShop. But I LOVE Affinity! Thanks so much!
  3. Toltec for the win. Thank you so much for making me feel like the biggest dummy ever. When you suggested this, I was annoyed because SURELY I would have noticed a scroll bar. I have spent literally days on this and enlisted my husband and children to help me figure out where the dang crop mark option was. I have never felt so dumb in my whole life. Thank you for that, haha. Sorry to have stolen time out of both yours and Lee D's days. I've got a burning desire to take down this thread and destroy all evidence of my stupidity. But perhaps there's another weirdo out there who will appreciate not having to be called out on their own stupidity, haha. I am loving this app more and more every time I use it. Thanks Lee D and Toltec for your time.
  4. I am new, so please be patient. I need to export with crop marks. I have read other threads that instruct to export to .pdf, select MORE, and select INCLUDE BLEED AND PRINTERS MARKS. However, I do not have that option. Mine only says INCLUDE BLEED. If I choose that option, there are no crop marks on the exported file. Very frustrating. I am able to print the source file with bleed and crop marks, but the export dialogue does not have the option. Any help would be wonderful!