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  1. Hi, I join the other happy users. This is a great job, an must-have tool for Affinity Photo users. Many thanks indeed!
  2. Not sure it's related, but I have had situations where thumbnails (any, not just Affinity) behaved erratically (just icon, old thumbnail...). The solution in this case is to delete the thumbs.db file in the corresponding folder. As it is a hidden system file, you have to either turn on "display hidden and system files" in the folder settings, or use the command)line attrib.exe utility -.
  3. The thread was started quite some time ago already. When I changed the OneDrive settings, all thumbnails reappeared almost instantly. However, a more recent change (this or last month) has again modified the situation: There are now green dots with check marks on folders and files. I also back up my files with Carbonite, and the Carbonite dots (orange = pending, green = backed up) are now gone. But - the Affinity thumbnails are still there. Good to know there is yet another workaround... but it's a pity that all files must be cached locally to have the thumbnails. Since it works for other file formats (jpg, png, tiff), Office files (but of course, it's the same company) and other companies (Adobe with PDF format) are not affected, there must be something in the Affinity thumbnail handlers.
  4. Indeed, Affinity is known for using a non-standard way of integrating with File Explorer. The file on demand trick worked for me, sorry it didn't for you.
  5. Hi, The issue is due to the OneDrive option "file on dmand", which was turned on by one of the latest windows updates. Click on the OneDrive icon in the systray, go to settings and uncheck "files on demand". Your thumbnails should reappear at once.
  6. I finally found the reason why the thumbnails are not shown: OneDrive's file on demand feature was active, which broke the thumbnails and my backup software. To disable the feature, see here: http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-enable-or-disable-onedrive-files-on-demand-in-windows-10/
  7. Strange indeed. Others in this forum noticed the same behaviour. More: when I drag a file to a OneDrive folder, the thumbnail is displayed while OneDrive is synchronising (animated blue arrows). When sync is complete, the symbol turns green and the thumbnail disappears, replaced by the program icon.
  8. I confirm the behaviour. I also made the association with an Office 365-related update and did the following test: I copied the same file from a OneDrive-synchronised folder to a local folder. result: in the OneDrive folder, only the program icon is displayed. Microsoft added an overlay to show the sync status (green dot when the fie is synchronised). The same file in a local folder displays the thumbnail as expected. So the culprit is very likely Microsoft manipulating the file Explorer to display OneDrive information. Attached screenshot of the same file in both locations. Note that other picture formats (JPG, PNG...) still work fine with OneDrive. The issue affects ALL Serif programs, also Designer, and the older Draw Plus. Regards, Jean Gerrekens
  9. It looks like a recent Windows update related to Office 365 has broken the thumbnail display of Serif files (Photo, designer, but also Draw Plus). It took me some time to figure it out, but Explorer now display a little sync status symbol with each file that is synchronised with OneDrive. And since then, Thumbnails for Affinity files have disappeared. The attached pictures show how the file is displayed (large icon setting) in a OneDrive-synchronised folder and in a local folder. This update does not affect standard file formats such as JPEG, PNG, PDF with preview etc. The orange dot on the local file is the Carbonite online backup sync status. You will notice that this one is also gone with the O365 update... It would be nice if you could fix this feature in a future update... Kind regards, Jean Gerrekens
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