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  1. It should of course be a feature that can be switched off and turned on as needed. With your argument you might as well say "snapping to a grid in general will allow you only to draw at certain points in your document and therefore it is not useful to have a grid feature at all". If you need to draw freehand forms turn it off. Otherwise it can be very very useful.
  2. I find it a very surprising that it is not obvious to the Affinity Design team how useful snapping of handles to the grid really is. I have used Adobe Illustrator for almost 10 years now for creating scientific illustrations and for almost every one of them I relied on precise snapping of the handles to a grid. For any kind of symmetric shape where the curve on one side should look exactly like the curve on the other side this feature is very helpful. In Affinity Designer I always have to draw one side and then duplicate and mirror it to achieve the same effect. Certain kind of regular curves I just don't know how to create precisly in AD. The attached image is an exercise for the pen tool I use in graphic design workshops for PhD students. Recreating the shapes precisely in Illustrator is very easy thanks to snapping of handles. In AD I have to eyeball it and am not able to exactly draw the same shapes. Or is there a way to do it with the snapping settings?

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