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  1. I don't know whether it is a bug or a feature, but grids work in an unexpected way. I created a new file, created several artboards that have the same grid, and it doesn't align properly with the (0;0) point of them. Looks like the grid start point snaps to the absolute zero of a canvas (don't know how to call it, it's the point that's placed in the top left corner of the whole workspace). It doesn't matter where the axis editing handles are placed.
  2. pavel.frolov

    Affinity Photo Macro Crash

    Yes, these are just sample images I've created to test the macro. I made them in Affinity Photo and saved them as JPG 100%. Test Image Set.zip
  3. Hello dear developers! It looks like "Select Sampled Colour" makes the whole program crash when you create a macro containing it and try to execute. I've tried that in beta and stable versions, they both crash. I've recorded the whole process on video and attached it to the message, hope it helps. 2018-12-02_17-01-36.mp4
  4. pavel.frolov

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    I hope Serif guys have already prepared some kind of a gift for us to celebrate the victory New features in Designer would be a prefect one