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  1. Nice,looks like i'll be getting this book.It has a step by step guide to projects that can be done.just what I was looking for.Thanks!
  2. Just wondering if the books for affinity were worth the buy. I'm sure it has content, but how much? I'm somewhat of a novice to this stuff I.E I'm cutting my teeth on Affinity.Never used A.I or photoshop.So how Indepth are the books? Does it just touch on each tool/settings or does it go in deep on each one?I want to know what everything does and why.Does this book suit my needs in that dept? PS ive watch a ton of vids on affinity and it's hard to find good vids that explain more than the basics.alot of them seem more like that are just showing what they create instead of a true tu
  3. very nice,Thank You.Do you have any wood,roots,twigs ?
  4. yeah I went there and tried to dl the sci fi starter pack and win 10 said it had a virus in it and deleted it.so idk.
  5. Says It can't find any program to open the files.Searched the Microsoft store and nothing there either. file ext afmacros. P.S since I'm on the subject can anyone direct me to any other add ons like brush packs etc for dl? Particularly the image brushes like the chain and rope brushes.Im looking for a wood or roots brush types for logo borders and such.Thanks for any help given in advance.
  6. Hi,I'm new to photo editing.Ive been reading and watching a lot of videos on the topic.From dpi settings to pixels,resizing,cropping etc.The issues I'm having are that I have different sized products. from dropper bottle size to 16oz jars.Ive tried taking the shoots from different distances to no avail.I'll set up my galaxy s8 on a tripod and I can even shoot all the products from the same exact distance.But when I go to add them to my wp site 1 pic will fit perfect and the next will be blown out of proportion.Its hard to explain what I'm trying to do without knowing the proper terms for this
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