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    dcjohan got a reaction from SrPx in Windows Install Faq   
    We'll call it quits in the forum to keep things "sorta" on track. Always the opportunity to continue offline.  '-)
    Thanks again for your help.
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    dcjohan got a reaction from stokerg in Windows Install Faq   
    First, a big THANKS. Both programs are now running without any switches being set. I'm running the Ultimate version of 7.
    As you will observe in the attached image I don't have the option "Desktop Windows Manager" but instead a "Desktop Window Manager Session Manager" which WAS disabled; I switched that to Automatic.
    I did this immediately after changing the "Manager" option above. LOVE that command line!!!
    I don't have the "DependOnService" option available.
    That said, everything now appears to be operating according to Hoyle. 
    Again, my sincere thanks for all your help!

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