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  1. stoneworks

    Text Tools

    Learn something new every day. I have been using Macs for years and never ran across this cool trick before thanks. ;)
  2. stoneworks

    Speed testing tools

    I wanted to add that I exported this design to a psd file format and it did a pretty good job of keeping all the layers intact. The grouped layers came in partialy locked and I at first could do nothing with them. The blend modes had been stripped out so wanted to change them; turning those layers into smart objects did the trick! AD is going to be an important part of my work flow.
  3. So comming from an intensive photoshop and illustator background can be a handicap. Downloading affinitys shortcuts really helped. The program is more Mac like which means intutive. Here is a fun scribble where I focused on what the tools could do.

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