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  1. Hi sorry for delay; Can you give me more information about EXIFTool.... where can i get it?? its a part of Affinity?. I download for mac but no appear the app after installed and i didnt found inside of Affinity Thanks for your help Kirk
  2. HI BRUCE... I use the search function too as you recommend me i attach one picture. and still without work you can see in next picture How can its be posible??? This is the Lens who i used to take the picture Thanks for your help. Ricardo Sandoval
  3. Hi; I have some questions when I open a raw file in Affinty Photo: The image is desaturated at all I don't know why. The file have no information about the lens who I used, in the video attach you can see.... the camera was Sony a7MIII and the objetive was SAMYANG AF 85mm F1.4 FE (so this objetive must be automaticly detectec for the lens correction) The last and most important is when I end the correction with my favorite profile of SAMYANG and go to Develop Persona in the name of the file the correction was changed to SAMYANG AF 35mm 1.4. Can you help me with this doubts please and said me who can i solve. Thanks in advance Ricardo Sandoval Grabación_de_pantalla_2020-09-24_a_las_21_47_06.mov
  4. Its will be fantastic that you can subtitle or double the video to Spanish because i tried learn to use this software from 2016 and for me its impossible and allways I had to end my work in Photoshop and i feel wrong because i think that Affinity Photo could be perfect for me... i thought buy the Desktop Workbook but i read that only was in English too and i know that i understand it.
  5. Hi i answered you in the post few weeks ago and no one reply anything.... I don't know if you know this problem or its just a bug that you're investigating
  6. hi.... Can anyone help me.... this is getting my nerves. I'm starting hate this program Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi DWrigth i use a normal iPAD (5ª Gen) with iOS 12.3.1 Processor Apple A9, RAM 2GB and 128GB. Normally I use 2 types of RAW, most common is Canon CR2, second type is Nikon NEF. Thanks in advance. Ricardo
  8. Hola, Cuando intento hacer una selección para hacer un revelado con un pincel, no consigo que los trazos sean fluidos, parece como si le faltase memoria al programa o estuviese completamente llena sale un trazo a saltos. Me pueden explicar como solucionar este problema. Gracias, un saludo Ricardo F173E0EF-52F1-43E3-94FC-8684FDF5969B.MP4
  9. Please can you translate the video tutorial to Spanish or subtitle it please. Tanks in advance, Ricardo Sandoval
  10. Its impossible to upload the photo its too big i let the file in DROPBOX around 20Mb. The problem appear when i try the photo importing from PHOTOS. https://www.dropbox.com/s/19t8pbt7nv3daw6/_RSP8164.NEF?dl=0 If you have any problem for download the file please let me know. Thanks in advance Ricardo
  11. In my case I can't use with my Nikon NEF raw files, doesn't work with Nikon D7000 photos, and in your description you said it works. The app automatically shut down or close when I try open a NEF file. I have a big problem. Can any help me Thx
  12. In my case I can't use with my Nikon NEF raw files, doesn't work with Nikon D7000 photos, and in your description you said it works. The app automatically shut down or close when I try open a NEF file. I have a big problem.
  13. No es capaz de abrir archivos NEF de Nikon D7000 en el IPAD aunque en su descripción dice que lo hace. Cada vez que intento abrir un archivo RAW de la Nikon con formato .NEF la aplicación se cierra, y no me sale ningún error. El motivo de comprar esta aplicación es para editar NEF de Nikon y CR2 de Canon y lamentablemente sólo puedo usarla con Canon. Para mi una gran decepción aunque las posibilidades que ofrece son muy grandes y el flujo de trabajo me gusta más que Photoshop. podrían ayudarme necesito solucionar este problema por un viaje que tengo cerca y necesito la APP para trabajar. Una lástima, espero que lo solucionen rápido.
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