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  1. Hi Gabe, thank you very much for your supporting! Jürgen
  2. I have now tried it with only 9 photos - the same poor result! The source folder is empty! Best regards - Jürgen
  3. Is there perhaps an upper limit in the number of photos to be edited in "Focus Combination"? And if, where is the upper limit? I will check it! ( But it does not make sense to me with just a few single photos!) Best Regards - Jürgen
  4. If I save (.afphoto) a "focus stacking" - in my case with 60 individual photos created with "New Focus Combination" (German "Neue Fokuskombination") as a source - then I find after a reload no more photos in the source directory and so I can no longer edit the project! Best regards - Jürgen
  5. The same problem as in the beta version before!
  6. Thank you for your answers! Juergie
  7. Hello, I have one question about Affinity Photo: If i wanna crop a photo, the tool always starts in the mode "unconstrained". I always use only the mode "original ratio" and every time (for every single photo) i have to change the mode! This is a little bit exhausting. Is there a possibilty to change the default "start mode" durable to "original ratio" or to save the starting mode somehow? Tank you very much - Juergies
  8. Juergie

    Canon EOS 77D

    Hi Gabe, Thank you for your friendly and short-term answer! Lets hope the best! Juergie
  9. Hi, I´m looking forward to receive the possibility to work with raw photos of the Canon EOS 77d and Affinity Photo! When can we expect a functionable Version? Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 works pretty good! Kind Regards - Juergie