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  1. Hi Gabe, Is there anything new about this topic? Thanks, Jürgen
  2. Thank you @Mark Ingramfor your really superb support and response time!!! Here my results with AP Beta RC2 with the same raw file developed: 35 sec with noise reduction enabled (adjustments in several points) 30 sec with noise reduction disabled (adjustments in several points) 10 sec with noise reduction disabled, without making any adjustments befor developing! King regards - Juergie
  3. @prsdeb: I disabled everything in the Assistent - no improvement to only disabled NR!
  4. @Mark Ingram, here some more information: My system: Windows 10 Pro Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3,3 GHz RAM 16.00 GB, ( 14.00 available ) 64 bit, x64 based processor NVidia GeForce GTX 750 TI My camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 Noise Reduction enabled: 64 sec. Noise Reduction disabled: 53 sec (same Raw) Thank You
  5. The same situation in my case: very poor performance in developing - very, very slowly!!! It is in the meantime a reason, why some photographers are looking back to PS in sorrow! It was a point of discussing between photographers during the "6. Adventure & Photo Messe" last week in Duisburg!
  6. Hi Gabe, thank you very much for your supporting! Jürgen
  7. I have now tried it with only 9 photos - the same poor result! The source folder is empty! Best regards - Jürgen
  8. Is there perhaps an upper limit in the number of photos to be edited in "Focus Combination"? And if, where is the upper limit? I will check it! ( But it does not make sense to me with just a few single photos!) Best Regards - Jürgen
  9. If I save (.afphoto) a "focus stacking" - in my case with 60 individual photos created with "New Focus Combination" (German "Neue Fokuskombination") as a source - then I find after a reload no more photos in the source directory and so I can no longer edit the project! Best regards - Jürgen
  10. Hello, I have one question about Affinity Photo: If i wanna crop a photo, the tool always starts in the mode "unconstrained". I always use only the mode "original ratio" and every time (for every single photo) i have to change the mode! This is a little bit exhausting. Is there a possibilty to change the default "start mode" durable to "original ratio" or to save the starting mode somehow? Tank you very much - Juergies
  11. Hi Gabe, Thank you for your friendly and short-term answer! Lets hope the best! Juergie
  12. Hi, I´m looking forward to receive the possibility to work with raw photos of the Canon EOS 77d and Affinity Photo! When can we expect a functionable Version? Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 works pretty good! Kind Regards - Juergie
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