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  1. For developers. Please tell us your opinion on the subject. If you have a plan, show me the timetable. If there is no plan at all. Please say that you will not implement Japanese typesetting.
  2. Dear developers, please read and consider seriously. I am not a programmer. So I can not understand how much you can not program. Because of that, in Japan, design software has been working on the premise that Japanese vertical typography is implemented. All the design applications of "illustrator", "Freehand", "Canvas", "Quark Xpress", "Pagemaker" and "InDesign" have implemented Japanese vertical typography. We have never thought that vertical typography can not be done. In the Japanese printing industry, we will avoid using apps that can not do "vertical writing typography" on a
  3. It is a previous posting mistake. I ask the developer. Are you planning to implement Japanese vertical typography or not? If this feature is not implemented, "Publisher" will not use it for Japanese print professionals.
  4. 私は開発者に問う。 日本語縦タイポグラフィを実装する予定があるのか、ないのか? もし、この機能が実装されないなら、「Publisher」は日本の印刷関係者はこれを使用しないでしょう。
  5. Is it a gambling to buy a reservation? Or do we have a chance to try "persona" before the product release?
  6. Thank you for answering. Only the "Persna" of "Publisher" can exhibit the limited functions of "Designer" and "Photo". It is that. However, I have not yet experienced the demo. How can I experience it before the 19th release? Or can I experience the demo version after the official release? Maybe I think there is no discount at that time.
  7. I use "Afn.Designer" and "Afn.Photo" purchased from Apple Appstore. If I purchase the discounted benefit "Publisher" at the Affinity online store, Will "D. persona" and "Ph. Persona" functions work? Or do I need to repurchase each one in the Affinity store? //////////////// I'm sorry in strange English
  8. Is "the persona" of "Publisher" a button to start Designer and Photo unlike the concept of the past "persona?" Is the meaning of "D" and "P" such a thing the design of the button? Then, should we process "studio" with "link management" or "context menu" etc? I think that their functions are imprudent in the beta version. If "Persona" is a factor that slows down the development, is not it OK to use other functions?By the way, QuarkXpress 2018 is an internal processing for both vectors and pixels, and it is somewhat usable.
  9. Thank you. I overlooked it. When will the two Affinity ver 1.7 be released? Is the function of the personaa just open the application? Or is there amazing movement planned? I want to try it soon.
  10. Two persona buttons still do not work. Will it be necessary to have new version 2 of "Designer" and "photo" in order to link the work? Or do you even link ver.1 work links? How much is planned for the purchase of three affinity products?
  11. My English is incorrect. That's a fact. However, I think that this and the fact that the application is not localized to the Japanese environment are quite different subjects. How about that?
  12. I am a Japanese in Asia. In Japan, unless longitudinal character formatting is realized, it will not be an application that makes "graduation Adobe" possible. It seems that the possibility is low at present.
  13. I am Japanese. Here are some questions. (It partially overlaps with the first post) 1 Beta version is not yet implemented, do you have plans for Japanese? 2 Does Japanese vertical writing typography are implemented? In that case, how many typesetting rules will be implemented? 3 Is there such a function as to do with another pagination software? For example, scripts, plugins, automation and so on.
  14. First of all, congratulations. I am Japanese. Perhaps the first thing that is concerned is that "vertical writing of letters" can not be done? Without this function, it can not be used in Japan. I hope you will realize vertical writing. There are many other problems. It seems that the product release will still take years and years.
  15. If it is what the producer intends, I will withdraw my request. If you are concerned about the blending of vector and raster, please go perfectly. However, it is contrary to what it looks like at startup and "About Affinity Designer" screen. Appendix I am a Japanese with poor English expression. The Macintosh OS is Yosemite.
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