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  1. No, you don't. Actually I run through this every day. It looks to me that Illustrator has some kind of proprietary eps format. Because this happens with the eps files written by Illustrator only. I've found that you could simply open those eps in illustrator, copy and paste in Designer. The pasted objects will be simple and natural as it should be.
  2. Yes you can. You can even create in PC/Mac and get it inside your iPad to work on it. Everything will be functional. Keep in mind that you might install your fonts inside Affinity App. I work with Designer in Mac and in Ipad switching between them all the time. That's one of the magical things in the Affinity apps.
  3. Do you know why the delete key in the Apple's Smart Keyboard doesn't delete selected objects? You have to hit the trash icon in the left down corner. Nothing will happen when pressing the delete key in keyboard. This is strange because that key works deleting text... Is it a known issue? Is it supposed to work like this? PS: Sory if this isn't the right board.
  4. Hi There! In Ai we can check an option to "Scale strokes and corners". I have never worried about it using Affinity Designer, but this week I found myself lost while scaling a group of objects with a path in it. Every object has scaled by constrain, except the path, that was scaled, but the stroke not. The result was a little path with a huge stroke. Maybe I'm begining to loose my mind, but isn't it already a default setting? Anything has changed? The real question is: Is there a way to scale all objects, including strokes?
  5. After years using Adobe apps I'm quite comfortable to use alt+Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out. In Designer for Windows the default shortcut is Control + Mouse Wheel. Is there a way to use alt key instead?
  6. Ok. But I would need to make this for every character. I work with references in the whole document. I have several superscript references in one single pages. In illustrattor there's an option to scale the super/subscript. I was wondering if Designer could have it too.
  7. Hi there! How can I adjust the size/proportion of superscript characters? Maybe it is a silly question, but I've spend a time searching for it and couldn't find...
  8. After decades using Adobe suit, I am having troubles to use Shift Key while scaling. I'm used to press Shift while dragging the corner with mouse to keep proportions. But in Designer it appears to work in different ways. While dragging one single object it does works. But when scaling multiple objects it does not. And I have to loose the Shift Key to scale keeping proportion. Is there a reason for that?
  9. Nice! I'm uploading Canon EOS 70D and Fuji XE-Pro1, Fuji XE-2s and Fuji XT-1 files. All of then only in RAW or RAF (by fuji). Actually is just a few programs over there to open those RAF Files. Nikon and Canon shooters are used to open their images in every app. But Fuji photographers are pushed against only two or three programs. You will make a decisive leap developing support to Fuji's RAF.
  10. Hello there! I'm Flavio Fernandes, speaking from Brazil, that far and hot land... I drive an Ad Agency focused in pharmaceuticals business. It's a tailor-made agency, grew in the digital age that learned the cost-efficiency of nowadays. I've been working with Photoshop since the third release, and I were in the launch event of Indesign. But for now I'm tired of Adobe CC. Actually I do believe that CC has been hold on the last years. In my opinion it is an old business forged in past standards not suitable for those years. You guys have an outstanding lineup with products that appeared to be designed for a new class of designers. An I am very impressed with the bold work that you have done. Thank you!
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