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  1. Thank you firstdefense on the steps for a custom brush! And thank you gdenby for the advice about the pressure profiles. I was unaware that I could break the shape into line segments and then apply a pressure profile. I like the idea of maintaining pure vector qualities.
  2. I would like to add a stroke to a circle that is distorted as the example below. I tried using a textured brush stroke but none had the same effect as the example. I was able to edit the pressure of a basic brush stroke to somewhat achieve the effect. But, I wanted to ask the community here if I'm missing another feature in Designer that would achieve that look? How would you recreate this? Is there an easier method?
  3. Thanks for your feedback! I'm going to try this again!
  4. Hello, I'm using Affinity Designer. I would like to create a vector brush that is an eclipse shape. I followed the tutorial for creating a vector brush except I used the eclipse vector shape instead of a brush. I saved it as a png and then uploaded it as a new textured intensity brush. Unfortunately, when I draw with it, the edges are blurry and jagged. Are there any tips on how I can make this better?
  5. OK, I found that I could convert the shape to a curve, select the node at the gap, and click "break curve". This closes the stroke.
  6. AD Newbie here. Can someone provide instructions for how to do this? I would like to use a textured brush as a border around a circle, but it also has a gap. Is there a way to copy an existing brush and quickly modify it to have closed ends? Or, do I need to create a png of a stroke? What settings should I use? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I added a textured brush stroke around a circle in Affinity Designer. If you change the miter size to 1, the program shuts down unexpectedly. My file is attached. Thanks stroke circle.afdesign