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  1. We're using paste as well. I disabled paste for affinity apps and I'll see how that goes.
  2. BTW. With the new 1.8.2 updates, this is still happening frequently. We again see it most when copying and pasting placed raster images. Just had it happen 3 times in Designer in about 10 minutes.
  3. We see this both in Catalina and Majove. I'm not able to test this specifically right at the moment, but here the basic steps to repeat: 1 - Create or import an image with multiple layers into Affinity Photo. 2 - Choose File > Open in Designer (or publisher) 3 - In Designer or Publisher add text or other layers to the page or artboard. 4 - Select the image layers together with the text or other layers and choose copy. Results - > Publisher or Designer crashes Further Analysis: To add insult to injury the recovery file does not seem to be saving properly and we are loosing many of the last steps in our work. For us this week, the crash was happening nearly hourly. I'll try to create a screen recording here in a bit if you can't reproduce it.
  4. I wanted to chime in that we are seeing Publisher crash nearly every time we use copy or paste. It seems especially frequent with embedded files or photos, or with many items.
  5. Did a bit of troubleshooting, It looks like it happens when a table is anchored in the text box. Removing the anchored table then shows the spelling error underlines in the correct place. Thanks for all the feedback on this, however, I was under the impression this was were to report bugs to the Serif staff. If there is another forum where to do this, please let me know.
  6. Actually, all this was typed into Publisher. No copy and pasting from another source.
  7. This document is a proposal so I don't want to sent the document publicly. But if you want it privately I can send it to you. I'm able to see the problem on my iMac and MacBook.
  8. No there is no additional text. There are all sorts of problems with this document as well. The text frames are linked from page to page and the last line of each text frame doesn't appear.
  9. Hi Chris, Thanks for the fast response. Upon further investigation we discovered this was exported by a non-current version of Affinity Designer. We're updating the files right now and will let you know how the new test goes. - T.
  10. When saving PNGs from Affinity Designer as a 3x PNG from an artboard, importing them into FCPX and reducing the size results in odd aliasing. However, opening the PNG and resaving in Photoshop (with no other changes) makes the aliasing in FCPX disappear. Screen shots at 200% from FCPX attached.
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