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  1. Thanks, Here's a file saved out from Redshift. aov2.exr
  2. I'm doing some testing of the EXR format with images that were rendered out in Cinema 4D using the Redshift renderer. The files are loading fine, but each channel is being split into 3 separate grayscale layers. In other words, a render pass that consists of a reflectance channel for instance, is coming in as 3 layers: Reflections.[blue], Reflections.[green], and Reflections.[red] and since they're grayscale layers there's no color information. Is there something I need to change for the EXR import? Or do I need to do something different for the exporting/saving of the EXR file from Redshift? Thanks
  3. Cybergooch

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    This was a tough vote, as I use Todoist constantly. But Todoist already has 6 million users, so I don't think they're hurting any. My vote to Designer!
  4. Cybergooch

    Raven Snow

    This is a piece I finished a few months ago, it was the first time I used Affinity Photo to do all of my post work instead of Photoshop. Composed of 3d character render, photo pieces, and lots of post work.

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