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  1. I'm trying to figure out if these exist in Affinity Photo: Knockout Blend Interior Effects as a group Layer Mask Hides Effect (appears that AP does this by default is there an option to disable it?) If they do, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the responses! @emmrecs01:I have downloaded the trial and I've been testing it extensively. It's done about 90% of my workflow perfectly fine but there were a few things that concerned me so I wanted to ask about them. @Callum: Thanks for the responses! For number 2, I don't think that's quite what I mean. The Distort transform in Photoshop lets me drag points around individually. For example I could select the top right point and drag it around without moving any other points. On number 5, what I was asking is whether Affinity Photo supports pen pressure/tilt through the Windows Ink protocol or through the older wintab. I'd test this myself, but my Surface Pro is currently down.
  3. I've used Adobe products for well on 20 years starting with Photoshop. For the last several I've been content to stay on CS6 with zero interest in moving to CC due to the subscription format but I'm starting to feel a bit of pressure here and there. Needing to request interchange format for indesign files, Illustrator not opening things due to them being a later version and having to request EPS or AI saved to CS6. Little things like that. So I went to look at what it would take to upgrade and I got a pretty bad case of sticker shock. I've been evaluating what my actual needs are and what I use in my workflow on a regular basis and then looking for alternatives. Affinity Photo looks to be an almost perfect fit for my usage, but there's a few sticking points and I'm trying to decide whether they are going to be bigger issues in the future, especially if I'm handing off files to photoshop users, and I was wondering if any of you could help me understand several things better. Is there a definitive list things the PSD import/export can/can't do? What Photoshop features are NOT supported by the PSD import/export? This is important to know what I'm losing from my existing PSDs and what will get stripped out when I export. Is there something similar to the distort transform in Photoshop? Will there be some kind of support for importing smart objects in PSDs? I've seen threads dating back quite a while and it makes using templates built in PSDs... challenging. Is there a way to reset embedded files to their original dimensions or see what percentage of the original they have been set to? Does Affinity Photo support Windows Ink on devices like the Surface Pro or will I need the wintab drivers? Thanks!
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