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  1. Thanks R C-R. I've finally got it. The rotate button flips the crop box 90 degrees. I'm not sure where my brain was!
  2. You are indeed correct Carl123. Creating a new custom ratio that is not in the current list does indeed work, but trying to create the reciprocal of a current preset doesn't Creating a 4x5 does not work because 5x4 is already in the presets. I regularly used a 4x5 and similar reciprocals in ver. 1.6 and earlier and found it very convenient to just pop open my list of presets when cropping. Since the rotate option in cropping does not rotate the crop outline, but appears limited to rotating the image, This new format of cropping presets seems awkward and less useful to me. Adjusting the crop of a vertical format when the image is 90 degrees turned is less useful. Am I still just missing something or is this the new normal.
  3. Perhaps I am slow and missing something. On my Windows 10 version, I too cannot seem to save custom ratios. Yes, I can go to the gear icon and yes, I can click on the hamburger menu. But the Create Preset option is greyed out. Only the Manage Presets option is available, and I don't see how to create a preset is available here. In the Presets Manager, I am given the option of creating a new category, or importing presets, but not create a new one that I had entered. In our previous version, entering a custom ratio and adding it as a preset was fairly simple.
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