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  1. Edit.... after an hour of swearing I finally hit the text "Outer shadow" and not just the toogle. I'l keep the post her for the next noob;)
  2. I'm trying to make a drop shadow for a rounded square In affinity designer on ipad when I toggle the Outer shadow in FX not much happens. It does get a tiiiiiny edge but there are no editing options . I though the options would show up in the bottom? but this is all I see
  3. So I’m here again wasting hours of time trying to figure out how to get a sketch made in affinity designer into shapr3d on my ipad. Since affinity doesn’t have dxf export . What is the best way to get it in the correct dimensions? And what online converter should I use?
  4. I also got kicked out of the online converter tool cause I have done to many conversions today. So tips to a new converter would be nice.
  5. Using ipad pro only, what’s the best workaround to get a dxf file with correct dimensions? I have tried to export as svg and used an online converter to convert it to dxf before I import to shapr3d , but 80mm in AD translates to 23.625mm in Shapr3D. Any tips?
  6. Anyone have any tips on the ipad version how to best create, export and convert to DXF and get the corect messurments? Someone mentioned to make the drawing in pixels (aka 100pixels for 100mm) and then export as svg and tekst edit the file from px to mm? Again I´m on ipad so I use an online SVG to DXF converter.
  7. I’m pulling my hair out because of this now... I’m on Ipad Pro and I’m trying to export the designs to shapr3D for imprinting text on a 3D model I’m going to 3Dprint. But as many others here it only comes out 1/10th of the size I made it in Affinity Designer....Is there still no good solution for this?
  8. Is there any UI designers here using the affinity designer ipad app for app mockups? Any tips ? Even if there is another app that does this better? Or is Sketch on mac the only way to go? I have some Ideas for an app and need to make my ever first mockup. Can I import the new IOS 13 designer pack? Where can I find good and free iphone X (transparent backround) vector or raster images.
  9. Well well. I couldn’t wait for the ipad version anymore so.... Not as portable as I wanted but it works really good as long as my ipad is teathered to my mac mini (astropad studio)
  10. Thanks It would be awsome if it was released for the new apple education event 27th of march ^^ or the june event. At the moment I’m sitting on the fence for buying the desktop version, because i use my ipad pro at least 90% of the time and my mac minis not more than 10%. And it’s not ideally running it as a remote desktop to use affinity designer.
  11. Maby a dumb questiom, but what is eta? Google wouldnˋt help me:)
  12. 2nd this.... I really need this now. (I@m Using graphic on my ipad now and I´m not happy with it at all). Ofcourse I could use astropad studio with one of my mac minis and download affinity designer on that one, but then I am bound to thoes workstations instead of being able to chill and work in our Cafe at work.
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