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  1. The program looks good Hope it will also become an Ipad Pro app not to long after the full release Specially with the new and more powerfull ipad 3gens right around the corner:D Btw! I try to press the affinity designer workspace but get an "not compatible" notification
  2. Well well. I couldn’t wait for the ipad version anymore so.... Not as portable as I wanted but it works really good as long as my ipad is teathered to my mac mini (astropad studio)
  3. Thanks It would be awsome if it was released for the new apple education event 27th of march ^^ or the june event. At the moment I’m sitting on the fence for buying the desktop version, because i use my ipad pro at least 90% of the time and my mac minis not more than 10%. And it’s not ideally running it as a remote desktop to use affinity designer.
  4. Maby a dumb questiom, but what is eta? Google wouldnˋt help me:)
  5. 2nd this.... I really need this now. (I@m Using graphic on my ipad now and I´m not happy with it at all). Ofcourse I could use astropad studio with one of my mac minis and download affinity designer on that one, but then I am bound to thoes workstations instead of being able to chill and work in our Cafe at work.