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  1. I just updated through the appstore to the latest version (from 1.7.2 to 1.7.3). I have been restoring some old photographs during the last weeks and the blemish removal was being a great help. With the new update it changed it's behavior. O am on MacOS 10.10.5 and sadly I cannot go back to the previous build. I'll have to use another tool. I show an example of the type of blemish that the previous version was removing completely and the new one isn't. Unfortunately I don't have a way to show that it was working before, given that I can't go back to 1.7.2.
  2. ocelotito

    Denoise on V1.7.0?

    Thank you! I may try that.
  3. Yes please! I would go back to the previous version just to get this picture, but I can't because I bought affinity on the App Store.
  4. ocelotito

    Denoise on V1.7.0?

    I just noticed the same problem. Just scanned a bunch of old family photos and the scanner is adding a lot of noise. The noise filter is doing absolutely nothing. Unfortunately I bought Affinity through the Mac Appstore and I can't restore the previous version.
  5. I've also had problems with the new version being slower. Just exporting a .jpg file took way longer than with the old version. I would really like to go back to previous version but I bought it from the mac store.
  6. I have been trying to make a selection using the flood tool and when I went to refine selection, it immediately gave me these "frayed" edges, without even changing any slider or brush. I thought it had to do with the selection tool I was using, so I decided to try with the ellipse selection and had exactly the same problem. I selected an ellipse with NO feathering and aliasing ON. The picture I am taking is just after clicking refine selection, but not moving anything else I only changed the preview to white to make it more obvious. Another problem I have is that, when I use the matte brush, as I let go of the brush, other parts of the picture also change. I am using a MacOS 10.10, store bought affinity photo 1.6.7. I just watched the official tutorial video for refine selection and I don't see the frayed edges appearing there. Please help.
  7. I've been playing around with vector brushes and noticed that, when sized up and then sized down again, the stroke leaves some streaks behind. It is worse when the resizing is done slowly. The streaks don't disappear even when the corresponding layer is turned off. I was using the watercolor brushes. Please help. Diana
  8. Hi, The last version of photoshop I used was CS4. There was this neat trick where I clicked Option-command-2 and I got a selection based on luminosity. I could invert it if needed. Then I did a curves layer, did nothing with the curves, just blended in screen mode if I wanted to bring out dark areas. It was an easy and quick fix for unintentionally backlit photos, as a better alternative to the dodge/burn tool. Is there anything like that in Affinity? I found ways to do mask based on highlights and shadows, but it is not as graduated as this option. Please help. It is the only feature I miss from PS.

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