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  1. Got it to work, disregard my note. Seems Apple store had done a weird 'pause' on the install. There was a little x on the program icon and when I clicked on it it came up with a dialog to cancel, continue, or delete the app. Clicked continue. Didn't do anything. I went back to the Apple store and my uploads page and there were two Photo update there, one finished and one paused. Clicked the pause button and the download continued. Launched successfully.
  2. Please help. I have just updated to v190 from 18? and I get a crash every startup. Half a dozen times. The flash screen flashes by very fast and it quits. High Sierra, 32g, 1tb SSD iMac.
  3. Alrighty then. I was able to download from the Apple store on Nov 3rd......after I applied the Apple security update for this month...which I am always up to date with. I went to the store and the application came up as update. Finally. Must have been a glitch in the OS or Apple got my complaint. Done. Thanks for the input guys.
  4. Bought through the Apple store. I am afraid to move it and re-download as I would be sure it would want another $49. Can't seem to find a portal to Apple re this issue. ugh
  5. Help. I have been trying to get to v173 via the Apple Store but nothing seems to work. Using v172. Why doesn't the app itself not find an update. Apple's been of no help. Serif does not help.
  6. Sorry to say this program is going to be dead without the ability to open InDesign files. The only way it will survive is brand new users out in the universe. Money not spent well. I'm sure we will pay for the option....way out in the future. Damn it.
  7. I will also thank you for a job well done, you are a hero to those of us that need it. I downloaded the software because of your generous labor of love.
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