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  1. I recently noticed this. When I select a tool, the image dramatically moves. Off to the top right. Often right off the image onto the background. It is particularly dramatic when I am a high magnification. Very annoying as I have to wrestle and grab the image to drag it back to the place where I was working. Have I missed a setting somewhere?
  2. This did not show up my Aperture library at all. Then I added it via preferences/ photoshop plugins browse through to the Aperture library and it was there.
  3. Try this. It worked for me with Aperture. Go to Affinity Photo/ PREFERENCES/photoshop plugins Then browse to folder where your Photo's are. Of course, if you are archived on the cloud it won't work. But my Aperture folder is on a huge external drive and I can now browse it through the Media Browser.
  4. I agree, though for me the best database is the Aperture one. It has everything. Of course, it has not ported in its entirety to Photos, but this does indicate that it should be achievable using Mac OS to match the , keywords, star ratings and smart albums into Affinity.
  5. Scrolling through all the pre-sets can make the menu unwieldy. In the interests of tidiness can these have a drop down option to display them, or a pop up when you access that part o the menu. Rather than always there? Action in preferences?
  6. Missing contrast, on the MODE options, well even brightness/ contrast. Brilliant for adding atmospheric perspective to a landscape. Maybe even 'blur'/ sharpen . This would be great too. You could even bundle some together I think to make the HUD tidier.
  7. On the top menu bar, on the left where you have options for the tools it would be very handy to have a picture of the tool and also its's name. It would be a great reminder and double check for your actions.
  8. Also if you can share with Picasa you have g+ access and can share with others. Apple photos are on catch up there.
  9. In Affinity Photo I tested the print dialogue with a photo edited and converted to B/W. I noticed that the print preview in the system dialogue was in colour? Strange. Printed to PDF (successfully) and that is in colour too! All the edits had dissapeared.
  10. In Affinity Photo It would be nice to have an option to export to a particular size. (That could be saved as a preset, and set as a default) In particular an enriched drop down on the Export menu with a range of popular or custom sizes. I export to G+ photos and would like to keep below the 2048px limit. I am sure others have their favourite sizes. Many thanks, so far loving it all.
  11. In Affinity + photo Is there any way you can bundle multiple adjustments to make a custom preset. I have a load in Aperture, some very particular and useful. A custom preset is great for ensuring a batch has the same look and feel.
  12. Hmm... it would be nice to see a quick compare! especially using the vertical slider.
  13. Ok thanks, with my trackpad - Wacom pen I use 'cmd click' Nice and tidy now!
  14. The new beta works well with the B/W sliders. I saved a raft of B/W presets (too many) how can I remove some of them? ie:- delete a preset?
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