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  1. affinity will be displaying the image with an ICC applied, preview is not unless you specifically ask it to you can assign a profile and also use a proof profile in preview
  2. It seems noone replies on here , but if using affinity and your document is set as ADOBE rgb ,. also make sure thats selected in preferences , this should not alter colour but it does ., if cmyk make sure its the same also. also make sure the in windows colour management in advanced the default profile for device is srgb or this also damagers colour ( neither of these effect adobe products )
  3. I have located a solution however this needs sorting. If the client creates a document as in this case with the adobe 1998 document icc , but the prefereces colour rgb is srgb it causes the issue , this is a bug you have to make sure the prefs is the same as the document .
  4. Files have been changing colours all of a sudden If we design an product in Affinity designer and print it to a epson ecotank et7750 the colours have changed and are incorrect shades. However if i EXPORT the design to a PNG from affinity designer and then PLACE it back into designer with exactly the same setting then the colours print correctly ! Version
  5. no this is a clients machine not my own, my own uses a very high end calibrated system . This was info for clients who have this issue there a massive difference in affinity you can see it a mile off the colour sliders are massively muted doing as i suggested in the images sorts it out . Not many people go to the expense of a calibrated screen mores the pity.
  6. Yup i am aware, take it as red as a colour management person of over 30 years (before ICC was a thing) i do know . this was for info for others that come across this issue and how to fix it cheers for the suggestions however
  7. Yes I did , tried with system default and also use my setttings else it wont let you pick an alternate
  8. Also altered that setting to use a variety of profiles none worked. only changing it here did . Cheers though .
  9. Yes i can see its different just wondering why as adobe colour management has worked well for many years also corel draw etc are not effected by this, Colour management is my job and this problem only seems to arise with certain on board graphics as ive noticed so far. ken
  10. Sorted , It sems to be the default settings in colour management in windows not the profile associated with the monitor but the system defaults , when its changed to srgb default for devices it works. Weird how this only seems to effect affinity and not adobe products .
  11. Im afriad not I tried that already im into colour management as a career so it was one of the first things, However it IS something to do with monitors and drivers as ive fixed it on other pcs before by messing with the driver settings. However it only effects affinity not photoshop or illustrator which work 100% fine.
  12. Ive helped a few clients with this and not got to the bottom however on certain windows PC's with various graphics cards, the colours on the sliders are all MUTED the red for example looks pink on screen. ON my version its fine with my quality graphics card but on some of my clients it looks awful, an image in photoshop for example or even in windows photo looks sharp and reds look bright red, however when imported in affinity they are completely muted and the sliders in colour are also. This makes it unusable .
  13. I have been supporting people on colour management for many years, I have no issues with the windows versions of affinity designer, However the mac version has no options for picking the rendering intent at the print stage, this is VITAL for printing and you need to have the option of which to use ideally perceptual and relative intents or absolute for proofing. Is this feature going to be added to the Mac versions ?
  14. There also does not seem to be a way of choosing the rendering intent when printing on a mac at all. the pc version is fine but the mac version has no intent drop box.
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