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  1. kbetters

    Affinity Photo for iPad launched at Apple WWDC

    Thanks LilleG! I have the iPad Air2 as well and I didn't know that it didn't support the pencil! So glad I asked about it. Also glad the all the features seem to work without the pencil!
  2. kbetters

    Affinity Photo for iPad launched at Apple WWDC

    I am interested in buying the iPad version before the price goes up. What I am wondering, is the app fully functional without the apple pencil? It is a very expensive tool for someone who just likes to play around with photos/photography. I was hoping I could get an alternative pencil to use, but it seems that other brands are not supported. :wacko: Can someone please help me out? Thanks! :)
  3. I like "Affinity Layout". It simply states what the program does. And if it is as good as Designer and Photo, it will be a wonderful addition. Looking forward to the Beta!
  4. I am patiently awaiting this app as well! I hate the way Adobe has went about making people subscribe to use their products. I want to be done with them all together, but I can't until I have a good and affordable substitution for InDesign.
  5. Thanks Affinity Designer staff! This is such a great replacement for Illustrator and it's crazy high price tag! Really looking forward to the mesh warp/distort tool and the text on a path too! Hope they are released soon! :)