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  1. I mostly begin with overall batch correction and file conversion to either JPEG or TIFF using NX Studio, which I close down after exporting to desktop - avg 30 photos. I close NX down and simply hit spacebar to see images full screen for either deletion or open in AP for cropping and tweaks. I enjoy composite images so when I select out one or two to work on, a photo can get 20-30 layers and groups. That’s when the trouble starts.
  2. Walt, it is kind of you to ask questions but I have no wish to pretend I am a software developer. I just use computers In the same way I use my car! It is for Affinity to liaise with Apple to resolve what I know is a topic that is quite widespread. Just search the web…
  3. Intel iMac which allowed me to plug in 16 gig ram
  4. Affinity advertises that 8gb ram is sufficient.
  5. application memory. Has anyone sorted the seemingly recent issue that I have only noticed since using M1 Chip on Mac? Even with quite modest sessions of work in AP i have had the error message that I ran out of application memory and must quit/lose unsaved work etc. This never happened in the days of Intel chips. As to hardware: latest OS with Latest AP on a Mac Mini v1 8gb ram, 512 SSD with two extra HD, one for time machine and other for holding photos.
  6. Many thanks Guys. First I was saddened to see Thomaso responding to a comment I had erased within 30 seconds after realising I had grumpily misunderstood a previous contributor. This program advised that only moderators might see the deleted text! This is something to watch out for in the future. As to this issue - I now simply open the image I want to get a gradient map from, and ask Affinity to create an application swatch from it. This is then available to me in the gradient map swatches box. It works and that's all I need. Once again, many thanks and case closed
  7. Thank you. I see a solution. I shall not pursue the issue of dropper not working outside of the image area.
  8. OK can anyone tell me in simple terms why my colour picker is not working in gradient maps? I have Mac and given permission for AP and Publisher to record the content of my screen. I have read every stream of advice and problem solving Walt F has given. I have watched several Youtube tutorials. I have used AP for years. Before being away for several months in hospital, I used gradient maps. But now, for some reason the colour picker will not allow me to choose any colour outside of the main image on screen. I had taken another image and AP made a five colour swatch for me, and in the past I would be able to select those colours in turn to change the gradient map accordingly. But the prog simply will not allow it. The colour picker in the gradient map box will not note the colour in the swatch panel. Just as an experiment I also tried selecting colours with the other two pickers and they would not influence the gradient map in any way. Please do not reply as if I were a programmer! I just want to click and drag buttons!
  9. I have M1 Mac Mini and find that when I process many images from an event I always get this error message too - shooting mostly raw, a few adjustments, then in develop persona auto levels and WB are enough for the majority (because the Nikon Z8 is superb in this respect!). I would have culled so that I am only developing about 50 images in a session. Workflow is to save in .afphoto with the intention of batch processing to large and then small jpegs in srgb but I can never get that far in one go. I turn the programme off and sometimes even the computer! I don't recall Photoshop doing this to me - albeit I have been with AP for several years now. I use a 4tb external to hold most 'done' folders and an 8tb external as time machine. Any advice would be most welcome. I have racked up the slider for ram usage to 80% of space.
  10. I too have problems with my Mac Mini M1 Sonoma 14.3.1 8 gig ram. Affinity Photo2, 2.4.0. Whenever I have a long job such as documenting a special church service, and have a pile of ram shots to review in FastRawViewer, then in AP raw cropping, minor exposure adjustment, detail and noise then often auto levels and white balance do the job nicely following my Nikon Z8' work. But after about 40 files are processed (saved as afphoto and averaging 260mb), Affinity slows very considerably to the point I have to close everything and restart my computer. Excuse my non technical language - I can use AP quite extensively but ain't no computer techie!
  11. I'd be grateful for some guidance along these lines too, please.. but in simpler language! I just downloaded the latest Beta so that I can develop Nikon Z8 raw files. I would like to transfer my library and assets to the beta version from AP2. Is there a quick'n'easy way of transferring the lot to the Beta, please? [Mac M1 running Sonoma 14.3]
  12. Thank you That raw was High Efficiency* compressed in Z8's menu.
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