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  1. Hi, I use a MacBook 2011 Mavericks and the download worked ok. I opened AP, and a random image. I switched to the Tone Mapping persona and at the pane's top right menu clicked on import... navigated to download and bingo. Good luck
  2. Hi Sorry for the delay - I'm indisposed.... Basically I have realised that in this case, Preview exports files to tiff much faster than AP/batch so i cannot be bothered to pursue the issue. Warm regards and hope you keep safe
  3. I have AP running on laptop with Mojave and it’s fine. I upgraded iMac to Catalina and reinstalled a clean AP. When I try to batch 50 crR to tiff all is well until after setting parameters, pressing start causes the process to end. Nothing! I tried reinstalling but with same result. Must be a bug?
  4. Hi Chiris Thank you for enquiring. Something good happened! In the (only) one photo I have repeated the commands, not only did the brush work properly with the Lighting in-built filter, but when I tried the eraser just to see if it was working, it was fine. I would have thanked you earlier but coincidentally I only did this yesterday afternoon.
  5. Hi Again Thanks. I unticked metal for the radeon which allowed me to change from basic to OpenGL - I didn't choose the OpenGL (basic). Would it help to change view to nearest neighbour? Does that have much of an effect>
  6. Hi Chris B. Thanks for responding. Intuos Pro M. Driver 6.3.36-2 3.3Gz iMac i5. 16GB DDR3; AMD Radeon R9 M395 2GB with OS Mojave 10.14.6 I sometimes wonder if my machine is up to the task. I also have setting so that live filters etc are child layers where possible. Many Thanks.
  7. Hi. Just thought I would share a problem over the past month or so. On several occasions, when I click the Erase icon with my Intuos Pro pen I get a spinning wheel. Sometimes it stops after a few seconds and starts again as if the programme is confused. It usually stutters on and off and I have to close the image and open again. On one occasion AP hung and I had to force quit the iMac. On this last occasion I had added a lighting layer and found it would not let me paint out some of the effect by the inbuilt mask, not could I resolve that by adding a mask so I thought I would try erasing part of the layer... spinning wheel result. Very peculiar.
  8. Hi, sorry I misunderstood. the URL is http://support.serif.com/Main/frmNewTicket.aspx?InstanceID=eb6e68c0-1ea3-4f7f-af12-ea9a5fb97ec5 When I got to the end of the ticket and submitted, I got 404 All the best and happy Springtime!
  9. Hi, and thanks for responding. These artefacts did not appear upon exporting and my standardised way of working is to save the final flattened image full size (as set in New document parameters, although on this occasion I decided to use a transparent background for a change). The meshing appears in this but so small I did not at first see it n my monitor - it became plain when I downsized my duplicate to 1600px long side and went in close to see what effects Unshap Mask sharpening might have. I went back to the full size mage and looked closely to see the effect. The various angles make me think it was due to the layers interacting with each other. I had changed my method of compositing, after a pal said he preferred to erase around objects instead of my more traditional way of selecting/refine/output to selection with or without a mask. I have done it again - see attached. This time I ensured every one of the several parts to be imported were resized to 400 and RGB16. This gave me a uniform basis and of course sized approximately to match composite image needs. I used my earlier method of straightforward selection/refine/output to selection. There are no meshing artefacts and issue is for me left in the hands of the AP technicians to see if they need to tweak the programme? Once again, thanks for asking and happy Springtime!
  10. when trying to submit a ticket to technical support Through the AF contact
  11. All I get is 404 error when trying to submit a ticket to technical support
  12. Please tell me what has happened to this composite photo. After flattening and saving, when I enlarged to look at detail I found lots of black cross-hatching lines. These are still evident on the exported downsized image that I had done for our club monthly comp....
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