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  1. Thanks! Since I didn't have a numeric keypad, the easiest way for me to get there was: Glyph Browser, then filter to General Punctuation and that includes the bullet and only about 10 other chars. Cheers, -ub
  2. I'm just trying to figure out how to insert a bullet, but not as part of a bulleted list. Just the bullet character. I tried the glyph browser but had no success. Was that the right place to go? Thanks!
  3. Wow, that's great. Just what I needed! Thank you soooo much!!! And thanks so much for taking the time to make a little video. This Affinity Designer community truly rocks! -hb
  4. Hi, This comes up often for me as I am a member at the noun project and use a lot of their art for something I'm working on. When I import it into Affinity designers, it's not usually shapes that I can fill. The "line" sort of is the shape. I've attached a screenshot of it with node selection tool so you an see what I mean. You can also get the SVG free at the noun project: https://thenounproject.com/term/cat/1023807/ I want to fill the inside of the cat so that I can place it over other objects and cover them (instead of having them show in the body of the cat). I could put the cat into photoshop and use a quick erase to remove a white background outside the cat, but that seems soooo wrong. Is there an easy way to do this in Affinity Designer? I'm on Windows, latest everything. Thanks! -hb
  5. Hi, I'm about to create an e-book. I hope to use Affinity Publisher (I bought it lol). It's a lot easier to use than InDesign. However, I am not a designer, and I don't have the time required to build my own book design--or at least I don't want to spend my time that way. I know Publisher doesn't have a template engine, that's not the problem since I can take a book and save it under a new name -- basically the same thing. I want some really good looking book designs to choose from that are already built in Publsher, and I'll pay for them. Otherwise, I have to use InDesign which I hate, and which takes time to use -- but not nearly as much time as trying to make a professional book design. Any pointers appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Exactly like that!. I selected all four, it took about two seconds, thank you!!!! -billb
  7. Hi. I have created a polygon. I'd like rounded corners. See screenshot of my polygon and the sign I'm trying to create an outline of. Any guidance on how to round these corners would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! -billb
  8. Hi, I'm using Affinity Designer on Windows. I want to make some objects monochromatic to match a specific color. I know I can do Layer > New Adjustment > Black & White, and then Mask to Below to make it greyscale. And I can use other layer options to mess with teh colors/look. But what if I want the monochrome scale to be specifically/exactly RGB hex value 90298D? I'm sure there's an easy way to do this, but I've been beating my head against the wall on it. Any help appreciated. Cheers, -billb
  9. Hi, I'm running Affinity Designer on Windows 10. All of the sudden the Appearance and Assets are showing up here (see screenshot), and i don't want them there. I can drag them over to the panels on the right, or I can uncheck them under view > studio. But then if I reset studio they come back. This never used to happen. What wonky thing did I do and how do I undo it? Thanks! Cheers, -billb
  10. Thanks everybody. Very helpful. I love Affinity Designer. Might need to bone up on Illustrator to accomplish a few things, for some tasks for a while at least till AD comes closer to feature parity. I really don't love Illustrator---and don't know it well---had hoped to avoid that learning curve lol:) I am a total AD supporter/user, long term, I see AD as my future everything. Cheers, -billb
  11. I'm using Affinity Designer on Windows 10. I'm trying to do something like this, where I shape the text I've created, distorting, warping, etc. See the image attached. I can't figure out how. I'm sure its easy. What feature would do this? -billb
  12. Hi, I have the latest affinity designer on Windows 10. My layers panel disappeared. Closing and re-opening affinity designer does not help. I have also unselected and then re-selected View > Studio > Layers. I even reset the studio. I'm sure I am missing something really obvious. Any suggestions? Thanks! -bllb
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