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  1. AndrewW

    Affinity Photo Raw Histogram

    Sorry guys, I very rarely look at forums and struggle with Affinity but am working on learning from Tutorials, has the above problem been fixed please, if so where do I go to find answer etc. Andy.
  2. AndrewW


    Sorry Guys, yes I was wondering if Affinity would read Sony a7iii raw files as I am considering changing from Canon system to Sony. Andy.
  3. I am considering changing from Canon DSLR to Sony a7 iii, are RAW files compatible with Affinity.
  4. Where do I confirm my adjustments in the Development Persona for Gradient Overlays to release the greyed out other adjustments, ie Lens Tones etc.
  5. Thank you for your replies very helpful indeed, regards Andy.
  6. AndrewW

    Free ipad download

    Thank you for your replies, I will stick with the Lap Top. Andy.
  7. I am a 79-year-old trying to learn Inffinity, I find the training videos great and easy to work through and understand, my question is regarding saving images after working them through the Develop Persona and the size of the afphoto files, can someone please advise me on their method on saving files as files the size of these will soon slow my laptop down, if I just save a jpg I lose all my history , can someone please explain the best saving method. Andy.
  8. I have bought Affinity Photo for my PC and think it is great, can I download it for free on my iPad, please. Andy.
  9. Sorry, I answered my own question in the Toolbar, View, Studio Reset, I don't think I will forget that in a hurry..
  10. I am new to Affinity, generally shooting raw, in the Development Persona I have lost the righthand panel with Basic etc, please help.