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    Long Exposure Look?

    Hi All, I'm aware this is an old post, Was wandering if it is possible to limit the below blur idea to one section of the picture? for example the Sea of landscape. I realise that this quote is taken out of context, and it would indeed be best to capture this effect in camera, sometimes however it isn't possible and I'm wandering how much I can create in AP, more out of curiosity?
  2. Perfect Cheers Toltec, For some reason the mask and copy and paste options weren't working, I think it may have been because I had done some in-painting prior? I have done now though by duplicating the layer and deleting the previous layer leaving only the beach hut I wanted. Thanks for your Help
  3. Hello All, I'm trying to make a selection and I've used the steps mentioned above SELECT>SAVE SELECTION>AS SPARE CHANNEL however when I load from the selection it comes up with outline which also happens to complete wrong size for image i'm trying put it on. All I'm trying to do is remove a beach hut from a picture I took and put said beach hut onto a mountain background I took (or any background really) but how do I do this? I've been playing with this for about an hour now and for the life of me can't figure it out? Please help for sanity and stress level Daryll
  4. Thank you James, I appreciate you taking the time to explain, it’s very useful information when your a novice like me.
  5. I'm experimenting with non destructive inpainting and seen the below video which is very helpful however I've got a couple of questions if I may? 1. Why would I add pixel layer and apply to below layers as opposed to duplicating the background pixel layer as I was previously? 2. Is there anyway to non destructively crop (I'll admit I'm not very good at editing and quite often change my mind with cropping but have to CMD Z until I get back to crop and lose subsequent edits) 3. Finally and a little of topic but I've seen a couple of Photoshop videos on creating a sunset, is there a way of doing this on Affinity?
  6. Hi MEB, That was embarrassingly easy (I knew it was going to be something simple I was missing) worth it though as I now know that I can edit this section as I never before. Thanks for your reply, all fixed now
  7. Hi Mark, Thanks for your reply It is the bottom right menu of the above image you've kindly posted, I don't have the Nvg/Xfm/History/Chn options on mine, I do have the mask/pixel etc... symbols above but I can't seem to find what option to press to be able to access the History option of my editing, that whole section is gone from my screen. I've had it there before but for some reason since reloading it's gone, I hidden the studio and then un-ticked it again to make it re-appear but i'm still missing that section and unfortunately reloading the software doesn't work either I'm quite sure it's one of the menu options in your screen shot but i'm reluctant to press random buttons as I don't want to end up with more missing options. Thanks again
  8. Hi, I'm new to Affinity photo and quite sure this sounds noddy to you guys but what is the bottom right corner menu called and how do I recall it, for some reason every time I close the app it disappears Thanks

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