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  1. Also something else that would be useful would be the ability to turn on and off gestures
  2. Being able to customize shortcuts would be incredibly useful, but if that is not posible then a Mixer brush shortcut would be nice, I use the Mixer brush quite often, and I also use the eye dropper as often, however having a shortcut for the eye dropper seems redundant to me, as I have to touch the screen again for the mixer brush, so I had an idea Have the Alt/Option key change the shortcut thing B : Brush Alt+B : Pixel Brush Alt+B * 2 : Mixer Brush Alt+B * 3 : Colour replacement Brush And if the "- * 2" or "- * 3" cant be coded in, lets instead use the other keys we have, "alt + shift + [key]", "alt + ctrl + [key]", "shift + ctrl + [key]" Thank you
  3. Yeah... But I managed to add it another way Despite not looking pretty (and time consuming if you are trying to import all the Paraline Brush set, or any brush set), you could do this Take a screenshot in the brush for menu (procreate), open it in AP, Crop it so that there is only the brush shape, Add a contrast filter and invert the image colours(to black), Export it as an image, and then add it as an intensity brush, and then add the settings for the brush, for example, to make this nebula brush look like it is really bright it is needed to change the blending mode to "add" Looks close enough
  4. On dropbox when saved as abr it does download but it doesnt show up in the brushes
  5. The brushes (individually) save as .brush, while the group of brushes save as .brushset, I tried importing them on those file types, aswell as .abr and .afbrushes but it doesnt work, it still shows dimmed in both dropbox and local storage Edit-- I also tried zipping the files, didnt work
  6. Have you tried renaming the file from ".brush" to ".afbrush" If it is a brushset maybe ".afbrushes" Edit--Just tried it and it didnt work
  7. I figured it out, there is a setting to turn it on, but it shouldnt be off, not by default
  8. Also bring back undo and redo, keep the gesture but dont remove it from the ui entirely
  9. I used to do pixel art animation with the app, so I used the arrow keys a lot to move pixels for the animation as it makes it easier to move, when I updated the app I was unable of using the arrow keys to move or transform the object, please bring it back. Also I would like to see a ruler tool or something like that.
  10. I can’t seem to find the option for blend ranges since I am working on the IPad version.
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