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  1. Back in the old PagePlus days we had the ability to place a picture (Jpeg etc.) in a document and then using handles to reshape it to give it perspective, an example, looking down a corridor with pictures on the wall, the pictures (as well as the wall) taper off in the distance, I have brought this topic up in the past and was told that Publisher would be able to to do this so I have bought it and still I can see no option for this, I can see how to reshape a frame holder but he picture thus inserted keeps it shape, am I missing something?
  2. I too am after a tool to add what I call perspective to a shape be it a Jpeg or text, I used to be able to do it in Pageplus X8 AD's supposedly lesser cousin, so any news on a tool or AF ability to integrate with AD? Here is an example, text superimposed over a Jpeg then converted to Jpeg and then distorted to fit perspective of Jpeg scene Nigel
  3. Cutout studio used to be part of Pageplus, I have been "Serif" since PP6, recently PPX8 in which I used cutout a lot to get pics into to my work even if just to remove white borders, do I have to get AP to have this abilty?
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