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  1. Publisher crashes on my MBP 2014 (latest OS) whenever I try to click on the pressure panel in the Stroke palette. I've attached a screen shot to show where I am clicking - it happens every time I click either of those two areas (in the dashed pink circles).
  2. Actually in order to get a true preview mode you have to 1) hide guides and 2) clip canvas. I think it makes more sense to have an all encompassing preview mode a la InDesign (that's one thing Adobe actually got right and probably something most designers have come to expect). I'm sure it's a simple coding fix ... make Clip Canvas the all around preview mode.
  3. Affinity folk, I know this beta literally just dropped today...but anyone know of 3rd parties working on a Right to Left plugin that may be a temporary fix till it's added in as a feature? Very excited to start playing around with Publisher - happy it's finally here. Please give us designers a reason to leave Adobe's awful bloatware.
  4. Great to hear that RTL support will be added in a future update! This will certainly increase Affinity's customer base (and allow me to use Publisher instead of InDesign!)
  5. I'll echo this request ... or at least a plugin to flip the text for such languages (and ideally flip the layout). I work in a number of different languages for a client and I imagine people who have these languages as their primary language will become customers.
  6. I'll add one more observation I've noticed with this bug: the glitch doesn't present itself immediately when starting Designer. It only seems to appear after a few minutes of the using the software. I tried replicating my usage sequence to see if the glitch was triggered by a specific tool/menu item but as far as I can tell that doesn't seem to be the case.
  7. Sounds good MEB - and as always thanks for the quick response!
  8. Just thought I would check in to see if the developers were able to figure out what might be causing this issue - thanks
  9. I have the application Magnet via the App store (it's a window snapping application). I've tried using Designer with Magnet running and with Magnet shutdown but it didn't seem to affect the problem. This morning I created a new user login account and did not see the glitch in Designer, but it did appear in my original login account. The only odd thing was that it took some time this morning before the glitch appeared in my original login account - I'd say it was a solid half hour before it appeared. I still haven't seen the glitch in the new account.
  10. MEB, attached is a handheld video capture I just did that shows the glitch. I tried to downsize the file a bit to in order to upload here. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks afd.mp4
  11. Hi MEB, thanks for the speedy response. I will try to do an external recording and upload shortly, because oddly enough when I tried to do a screen recording using Quicktime the glitch doesn't appear (and I don't know if that weird fact helps isolate the cause - maybe GPU related??).
  12. Ugh, that is not good. I agree it does make the software completely unusable ... and it's interesting that the trial version worked fine for you as well (same for me). I decided to purchase it a month ago and don't recall having the glitch after I downloaded full version of Designer -- I started noticing the problem maybe a week or so after. I haven't used the software much since purchasing, but when the glitch started happening I've had to stop using Designer altogether. I was hoping to migrate myself and my colleagues from Adobe CC to the Affinity products (especially with Publisher coming in 2018) but definitely can't do that if issues like this exist. Affinity staff, if you're seeing this can you provide any guidance or help?
  13. I, too, am experiencing this exact same problem ...and only with the Affinity Designer software. It does make the software unusable Has any resolution been issued for this? Below are the specs of my Mac (and I am on Affinity Designer 1.6): OS Sierra 10.12.6 Macbook Pro Retina, 15", Mid 2014 Processor 2.2 Ghz Intel Core i7 Memory 16Gb 1600 Mhz DDR3 Graphics Intel Iris Pro 1536 Mb
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