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  1. As my work requires this functionality, I have to pass and wait for a future release. (see avatar pic)
  2. Yes, at a minimum as a workaround, I'd need this. In the early days (yes, I'm that old) of Adobe's InDesign, a third party created such a plug-in, but I can say, the current built-in support feels more robust and stable.
  3. I do a lot of desktop publishing with right-to-left languages (Hebrew, Arabic) and when I try to type text in these languages, the letters display correctly but not in the proper right-to-left order. Will this be supported in the final release (fingers crossed) or a 1.1 release (please!) Also, such documents require page spreads to be reversed (i.e. page 2 is on the right, page 3 is on the left). Optimistically, I see a tab under typography with the option: Hebrew Script, but I don't see what that does.