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  1. I just updated the shortcut for the "Fill" to "CMD + Delete" to make it easy for now until they add it into the software. You can make it to whatever you want it to be. Luckily that combination wasn't being used in AP!
  2. thilanwij

    Tone Mapping Presets [FREE]

    Thank you for these!
  3. Hello everyone! Intro: This is my first post, but have been a lurker for the time I've been using Affinity Photo. My name is Thilan and I wanted to put this out there real quick: This is awesome software! Keep it up! I have been using Affinity for a couple months now, learning new stuff everyday and here is my most recent creation. Please see below: I recently found out about the Tone Mapping Persona, and it is the closest I can get to that "Topaz" look (photoshop plugin) I can get. Just wanted to show my latest work and I will try to be active in the community. Thank you and have a nice day everyone P.S. I apologize for this unorganized first post