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  1. I have never used any sort of graphic design software of any sort outside of paint once in a while. Working on building a prototype for a game and this is my first creation. I realize I'm not good at this yet but feels good to just create something and it's a good learning exercise. Any tips or suggestions on improving the design are welcome.
  2. Great! I went with Designer and it seems to suit my needs very well, may need photo at some point as well. Worth buying both for that price.
  3. Hello, Seems that I hit a button without trying. I think I hit tab to toggle toolbars and then hit it again and it put the toolbar back on the left but didn't put the layers toolbar back on the right. Can't seem to find how to get it back. Tried to go under view>studio but layers is already checked and reset didn't do anything.
  4. I will mainly be using this to design card and board games. Most of the time I will be making frames for gaming cards (think Magic: The Gathering and the like) then inserting artwork into them that I commission for. I may be designing boards for games as well as boxes. Which of the two is best suited for my needs? I should also say I'm pretty new to graphic design so I will be learning on the fly.