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  1. Hi, Affinity Designer newbie here, using desktop version on an iMac. I've opened a couple of the sample Designer files to see how they work and everything looks fairly familiar, or at least intuitive. One thing that's puzzled me is the fill colour in the background blue in the sample file 'Prison of Arts'. It's a dark blue colour, but has a slight graininess to it, rather like adding noise in Photoshop. A new rectangle, filled with a colour also takes on this graininess. I quite like the effect, but can't replicate it in a new file - nor can I turn it off in the sample file 'Prison of Arts'. I've explored settings, effects and all sorts, but can't find how to add or turn off the effect - any help gratefully received. Screenshot at 200% scale attached.
  2. Apple may be one of the largest tax payers on the planet, sadly not in the UK where they make a LOT of money on products which are generally the £ equivalent of $ (or worse). And their pricing is frankly a rip-off - example - iPad in the US starts at $329, but in the UK it starts at £339. $329 = £245 £339 = $456 Ouch!
  3. Haha - or, "Apple's per-country pricing structure is not determined only by the currency exchange rate... but by what they they can get away with... (both in terms of maxing out the price and avoiding tax)" Anyway, just bought Affinity for Mac on Serif's 20% Christmas promo - looks great so far Happy New Year all!
  4. Just asked the same question on Facebook - also... discounted prices for students by any chance? (Desktop iMac)
  5. Haha, it sounds like Apple have pretended to have thought this through - if only I believed them... Sadly, I believe their reasoning is totally disingenuous and just another contrivance to rip off UK customers. If Apple also factored in that they [allegedly] pay only 'nominal' tax in the UK, perhaps they should think about giving the app away to UK customers? Interesting to see that the iOS version of Affinity Photo can be currently had for $9.99 (£7.48) on the App Store - I think I read somewhere it's directly a comparable and equivalent product to the desktop version in terms of functionality, so why the big price difference? I'll keep a lookout for a discount offer or sale, but, as an interested hobbyist and digital arts teacher, I can't justify the £50 cost - and I'm still less inclined to buy if it means propping up Apple's cynical exploitation of tax laws.
  6. Would love to play with Affinity Photo on my iMac desktop. Followed a review link and it at $49 on the App Store, so thought it would be around £36 in the UK... no, £49. A bit miffed Also found a few discount codes, but no way to enter them on the app store... Any way of achieving parity with US pricing, up-coming offers, or ways of applying discount codes? Thx.
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