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  1. @ladlon: I have the exact same probem when selecting a different brush on AP, it just doest select any other brush and stay at the current one, I think is is because of my old mac, because when I clean my memory with MacKeeper, it comes back to normal. Have you find an other way to help this problem?
  2. Thanks anyway, I’m not nerd enough to find that. I hope they’ll be an easy way soon : ) I’ve made my mind to think that the first one was a practice, now my drawing looks even better : )
  3. I am on mac, but I am quite glad this can be done on windows since I’m just waiting for Astropad to work on windows so I can switch to my brand new pc with my iPad pro : D Do you think this kind of actions could be done with Mac?
  4. I am in panick... I was just trying to switch place my brushes and it wasn’t working and it make my app crash. My auto recovery file is at 900 seconde but when the app restart the document opened it self and it was the last save instead of the recovery (no dialogue box as usual), now I don’t want to touch anything in case I might be able to recovered my file from where I wanted. I know affinity doesn’t have any folder where I am suppose to find them but, is there a way to find it anyway? I highly suggest your team to make this possible to find the lost file somewhere. This never happened to me before while using photoshop, so I feel quite unsafe right now.
  5. I find it very weird, it just came back to normal! Now I need to know how I did that! The rotation sliding thing was pretty cool! While searching I discovered I can rotate it at 5` With the left/right arrows, but the sliding was amazing!
  6. So from the new update I noticed while starting drawing that I can’t no longer change the size of my brush by the shortcut sliding pen from left to right, the fact we can now rotating the pen is quite cool tho, but I can’t find any way in the Keybaord shortcuts preferences section to keep a way to still sliding my width. While the affinity photo manual on the internet still shows the old way, I’m still looking for the new way to do so. “[“ and “]” is good for small increasing but not for big ones.
  7. Well that wouldn’t be very useful then, I think the navigator could be more of use if it could served all of this at the same time, a preview and a way to navigate your picture. Working on drawings that will end up on a small game card, I really need that preview to be the right shade. Well, I will put this in the feedback/idea instead.
  8. Did I miss something in the preferences? I can’t find a way to change the fact that the rectangle in the navigator from where I zoom is Darker? This isn’t giving me the right preview I need while drawing, need to unzoom and rezoom all the time, I feel confuse on why this has been default setting like that?
  9. This may be a feedback or a question about the assets manipulation. I wonder if it is just me that may doing it wrong or this is just how Designer is. So every times I slide an element from the assets Panel it is placed directly on the top of my Layers Stack. I was wondering why it wasn't placed right on top of the actual selected layer. So we wont have to make additional manipulations to drag it down where we want it to be. It happens that I have so many layers that I have to slide the element in my document, cut it, select the layer I want it to be down of it and past it there.
  10. Ooh oki I understand, grouping also creats a selection/layer that takes everything in it, cool. Photoshop CS6 don’t do that. Loveable. Thanks again : )
  11. Thanks for that. linking like without merging them but sticking them together So I can still work on them independently.
  12. Hey hi, did this has changed with the last update cuz I don’t know how to do it at all. And Also, when it’s done, how do I link them?
  13. The title said it, my eraser is always the same size as my brush and vice versa... Did I check an option for that or what? I dunnot need/want this to be ^^”
  14. I have this problem too, I suppose it came out when they had the “undo” gesture tap with two fingers that may has interfer with the zoom/rotate gesture. If i have the eraser tool on, this will erase my drawing by the time I am trying to zoom or rotate, and sometimes I noticed only too late I have erased important lines. And very happy for the updates too. edit; I just oticed that when I zoom in and out/rotate, I must use the fingers of my 2 different hands for it to work. So ye, now it works eh...kind of.
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