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  1. bringmedown

    Error when exporting to dropbox

    Thanks for getting back to me. I hope it will get solved if possible but when it cannot be solved i will use icloud for temporary upload and move it myself to my dropbox. Thanks again.
  2. Hello, when I want to export a .psd to dropbox I get a error. It is dutch but this is what it means; ==== Cannot upload file No internet connection or no contact with the dropbox servers. ===== I am trying to export a file 51200x2880 +- 230mb and 30 layers. When i upload a smaller file I get the same message but in the end it is uploaded an viewable in dropbox. The bigger files aren't complete i cannot open it in dropbox, no preview either. I can upload to icloud but i don't have that much storage there.
  3. bringmedown

    Moving multiple layers at once

    Thanks that worked like a charm. I tried everything but not that haha. Thanks tot the help.
  4. Hi. How can i move multiple layers at once? On the ipad, i just can't find it. So i want to select multiple layers with objects that i want to move all at once. So that they all are moved the same amount of pixels Thanks in advance, i love this app.