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  1. Just wanted to add my vote for an ms word text import function, preferably stripping out the junk word formatting except for italics and bold.
  2. Affinity Publisher beta under Mac OS 10.14, crashed with message quit unnexpectedly, after working in a master page, selecting all (cmd+A) and tapping the delete key.
  3. Flapper

    Click batch job crashes app

    I've not yet re-attempted importing the Affinity Force Macro Pack, but will let you know when I do. I will try exporting my own recorded macros to save them beforehand though. Many thanks for the tip! Also, having problems exporting files to jpg for print workflow at 300dpi CMYK colour. Will report back after more testing…
  4. Flapper

    Click batch job crashes app

    Holding the control key down, selecting open then selecting all the check-boxes in the following dialoque box, then pressing clear, seems to have solved the problem, but I've now lost some recorded macros. Note: The problem started for me after I tried to load the free bonus 'Affinity Photo Force Macro Pack Vol1' macros - which incidentally, would not load.
  5. Flapper

    Click batch job crashes app

    I have this problem too in version 1.6.1 / Mac OS 10.13.1

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