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  1. Just to add that a PDF/X-1a:2003 PDF file created with Affinity Photo sails through IngramSpark without a hitch. I've published 2 books so far with covers created with Affinity Photo and they've gone through without any errors. Even the covers I used to create with Photoshop would usually throw up a false error regarding 'embedded ICC colour codes', which I usually ignored. With the Affinity PDF/X-1a:2003 output, it doesn't throw up any error at all. It appears to be a much cleaner PDF, and the files are also smaller in size.
  2. That works and definitely the best way of doing it. Without this function, I probably would've had to go back to PS, so big thanks.
  3. You're right. The images were reduced to about a 3rd of their original size to maintain the 300 dpi resolution. Adjusting the sizes up simply reduced the DPI back to 96. I set the width to 1500 px when I ran the batch job, so I presume the resampling was done at that point. If you don't want the images to be the same width then this could be an issue. As I was using these particular images in Word, it wasn't an issue but I can see it being an issue in other situations.
  4. Yes, the sizes were not changed but if you set them to 300dpi without resampling them, when you insert them in MS Word, they're reduced to a 3rd of their original size (to maintain the 300 dpi resolution). When you adjust them back to their original sizes, the resolution is reduced back to 96dpi. This is in MS Word. I don't know about other applications.
  5. OK, I was able to import the macro and it works when combined with specifying the width (but not the height) in the batch job. If you don't set the width in the batch job, the images become very small and will still show as low DPI when adjusted to their normal sizes in Word. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the macro, but how do you import it to Affinity Photo? I tried the import function in the Macro panel but it does not allow me to select the file. The file does not show up at all to be selected in the dialog box even though it is in the directory.
  7. I searched the forum and can't find a post with this particular issue. I'm trying to increase the resolution of several images in a folder from 96 dpi to 300 dpi for paperback printing. The images have different dimensions, so I don't want them to all be the same size. I have been able to do this in the past with a Photoshop action and batch job, and PS will automatically set the new size for each image after resampling to 300 dpi. It does not apply the same size to all the images. I've tried to do the same with a macro and batch job in Affinity Photo, but it sets all the images to t
  8. Good to hear! What software did you use to create your book cover for IngramSpark? I was hoping to jump ship from PhotoShop to Affinity Photo/Designer, both of which I have, but IngramSpak also requires PDF/X-1a:2001 or PDF/X-3:2002 for the PDF book cover file.
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