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  1. I have this issue often as well. I’ve found I can force this to happen by closing a project and while it has the spinning circle opening another one. When I return to the project screen the circle spins forever. I can avoid it by waiting for the circle to finish spinning before opening the next document.
  2. EssentialParadox

    Can I specify Pantone colors?

    Thanks Alfred — found them under the swatches button!
  3. Sorry if this has been asked but couldn’t seem to get a definitive answer searching for it… Can I use Pantone colors on Affinity Photo on iPad? Many thanks in advance Luke
  4. EssentialParadox

    Are Affinity files saved in the cloud or only locally?

    Awesome, thanks!
  5. EssentialParadox

    Are Affinity files saved in the cloud or only locally?

    Thanks for the image examples DM1. Using this route, does it automatically update the iCloud file or does it still need manually saving each time? I’m still a bit confused about how it works with iCloud.
  6. EssentialParadox

    Selecting Multiple Objects

    I might be wrong as I’m not at my iPad to test but isn’t it multiple fingers now, akin to what Apple introduced in iOS 12? So, tap one object and hold, then tap other objects with another finger. Another option is to use the layers panel and swipe across the layers to select multiple.
  7. EssentialParadox

    Integration with iCloud

    Oh that’s awesome news. Thanks Andy!
  8. EssentialParadox

    Integration with iCloud

    I too would love to see native iCloud file storage support. I’m so far loving Affinity Photo but it’s the only app I use where its files aren’t stored in the iOS 11 Files app or iCloud in some other way — Crazy! If my iPad was lost or broke tomorrow, I’d lose no documents, yet I’d lose all my Affinity files. Hopefully you’ll consider this. Thanks!
  9. EssentialParadox

    Are Affinity files saved in the cloud or only locally?

    Thanks. Does that approach sync future edits with the iCloud copy? Or do I have to “save a copy” every time I’ve made an edit?
  10. Are my Affinity documents I’ve been creating stored in the cloud or are they just stored locally? Basically, if my iPad was stolen tomorrow, would there be any way I could access my Affinity projects? If the answer’s “no”, is there a way I can sync my projects with iCloud? If I do a search in iOS Files in iCloud I can see an “Affinity” folder but it’s empty of any files.
  11. EssentialParadox

    Selecting Multiple Objects

    Thanks Lee. I managed to get that to work to highlight multiple objects, but every time I slightly move my finger to trigger the highlighting, I end up moving them slightly. I’m guessing it’s not possible to select multiple objects in this way without moving them? Thanks!
  12. EssentialParadox

    Selecting Multiple Objects

    I’m a bit confused about selecting multiple objects. The help document says the following: “With the Move Tool selected, tap a layer's contents on the document to select it. Now tap-hold for one second, then tap additional layer contents on the document to select them in turn.” But I cannot seem to get this to work, I just end up deselecting the previous layer. Can anyone clarify how to do this? Thanks!

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