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  1. I am pretty much missing it, too. But as always on Affinity Forums, a few hardcore posters decide over the masses of sometime-posters. No idea why the money and wishes of a few "Dedicated Poster" is more important than the money and wishes of the masses. And until this changes, Affinity will stay a unimportant niche product. Sadly.
  2. Two clicks are far more efficient than masking masking masking. Thread can be closed due to uselessness. I am back to Photoshop for professional work as it has a better UX.
  3. Thank you very much for your short text description. As nice as all the "tutorial" videos are, I don't need a 20 minutes video on how to do three clicks. (numbers raised for the purpose of making things clear)
  4. As I already said in my first sentence: I know i know, I've seen the endless tutorials how to "cut" out part of images in Affinity Photo The problem is, that you Serif adds additional steps to usual simple tasks and makes them more complicated. This is probably the reason why they even can't release a android app, because they need the apple ios metal interface to create their overly complex steps. Just saying: If I want to cut something out, I want to do it as it is learned in user behaviour over the past 20+ years. There is no need to change that behaviour. This isn't even the only thing Affinity tries to "improve". The software is awesome, don't get me wrong, but that extreme hardcore try of being special and different than other softwares is just plainly stupid and contra productive for the user experience. Why change user behaviour that has been learned over decades? Edit: I guess this belongs to feedback, tho. my bad.
  5. I know i know, I've seen the endless tutorials how to "cut" out part of images in Affinity Photo, but the real question is: Why can't I cut out with ctrl+c/ ctrl+x? This is the usual behaviour across all programms (not only design/photo programms) and operatin systems existing. Why do you have to change? This is extremely ux unfriendly. You are the one and only program that blocks copy/cutting with ctrl+c/ctrl+x I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of programms. Marvin.
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