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  1. No, I created 1.7 project in Photo, and place many images. After these images moved to a different folder, I get an error: missing linked images, and change these. Project size is little: 610 KB only. I attached project here. Please add link/embedded options (as in Publisher), or I cannot use this project in future just with images... keseruen-edes-reloaded.afphoto
  2. Dear support, I updated Affinity Photo, and use linked imaged when place an image by default. I need old placement: embedded image when I place an image. Or need select what I prefer. How or where can I change this function in AP and AD? Update: Options there is in Publisher, but nowhere in Photo and Designer! Please check this if missed option is a bug!
  3. Dear developers, Please change unit on information bar, if I changed to a unit. Thanks
  4. Fantastic and huge update! Great work, many thanks! I love it!
  5. Dear developers, I try settings what I find under Hyphenation settings, but not clear these settings. I read Affinity help, but no helped. Have anyone many examples for these settings? Need more from Column end zone, Paragraph end zone, Capital zone and Hyphenation zone, and Minimum score. How can I add score to words? Need convert points of font to mm if need a hyphenation safe zone to end of column? I'm a writer and use for publishing, but no need hyphenation for last line only for flowing text.
  6. I think while can export to press-ready PDF from Photo, then without bleed is nonsense. And I need Designer only for bleed settings, if I make a photo to print? Like book cover, bookmark, flyer, etc. Just photo and texts. No need Publisher or Designer for export. But if bleed is missing, need open project in Designer for bleed settings and export from there. This unconfortable. In Designer hasn't photo settings what I need, and if no use any vector tool, I no need for Designer, just for Photo. Publisher will good, if create a new project from this, modify in Photo and add to vector in Designer, but now is disabled yet these feature. I use Publisher for book wrapping, and Designer for vector projects.
  7. Dear developers, I have Photo and Designer too (and testing Publisher too), but I missing Bleed settings in Photo. I'm a book cover maker, and use Photo often. Cover made in Photo, but need open project in Designer for bleed settings only. If bleed settings will in Photo too, then I could export a press-ready PDF export with cropmarks and correct bleed. Please add this option to properties too, this will help for photo to print export. (Second solution: enable Photo and Designer in Publisher beta, and I will start a project across Publisher, and I could manipulate picture in Photo.) Thanks!
  8. Ok, I modify to 10mm, maybe this will enough. Great thanks, and I hope I will understand these zones in future... Update: Hmmm... 10mm not helped, hyphenation is there :-/ Try larger, maybe... I calculate: 11pt = 3,8 mm, 3 lines x 3,8 = 12mm maybe enough...
  9. Hello, How can I set hyphenation to do not hyphenate last word of page? I see Column end zone parameter, but that's in mm (or other unit), not disable last word hyphenate...
  10. Ok, I understand, but just think these steps: - create a symbol - put this symbol to many places - unlink all - change text or what you want on each items - after a few days need change any symbol standard on one item, but need change this parameter on all headers too. If turn on link, then what's will there?
  11. @thomaso Symbol is great. but linked. Great tip for same styles, but when I changed anything, need unlink, and I will there like Assets. And I cannot use for headers, because header text is different long, (maybe wrapped), and symbol will no follow (no relative).
  12. Ah, directly upload not working. Open each SVG files, and after grouping can import to an asset... Slow working, but will an unique collection.
  13. Yes, will be great, if can embed to style, and format text with image (like SVG will great for resizing). I think header with an ornamental or an SVG lines will be nice and exclusive. I try this Assets now, but will great here, if I can import images directly (SVG or PNG too), like a collection, but I cannot. Try a few trick, maybe I can upload my Asset category with a few images.
  14. @dominik: Hmmm... Great tip! But create Asset after item was grouped, and I can drop this item out of textbox. Nice temporary solution, but yes, I cannot use in textpox for relative formatting (ex. margins, line-heights etc.) I will play with this solution
  15. Yes! That's great tip, this what I need! Many thanks for this trick! This worked in one text frame too, and no need linked textboxes. Great!
  16. Exactly what I need, because heading formats will faster, if I can formats with image in future. Under Serif was not this feature, but I missed there too. Decorations was more there, under Publisher have only line, no endpoints, but I hope this image feature will show here in Publisher in future.
  17. Hello, Can I save to style or a header template with images? I have header with SVG or PNG, but I need apply this composition/group to other headers. How can I use same style with image(s) for multiply header in text boxes?
  18. Hello, Can I use Filler text for multiply places? And once only? Because now if select Filler text, then add to many times, but I need only one time, no more. And on second page at twice (like a paragraph). Can I use fill text like I want? Or create multiply text boxes, and fill thats only? I used one textbox for book formatting, but I tried modelling with more header with more filled text.
  19. I found a real free cliparts, and have many items in SVG, PNG formats, and WMF too (not all), and free use for commercial, plus call with JSON: https://openclipart.org Just test it, and if working, please add to Affinity programs too... (like Pixabay)
  20. Ah, ok, I see on toolbar. I searched on window statusbar under layers. Thanks, I will use this feature from toolbar in Publisher
  21. Dear developers, Please add a Group layers button to layers windows footer (as in Photo: left side of Add layer button), because I use often, and one click is simpliest like a keyboard combination (CTRL+G) for me. I missed from Designer too. Thanks, if you can make it! (sorry, bad forum, please move this topic to suggestions, thanks!)
  22. I will try this replace tip, great thanks! Update: this non-breaking space tip was the best, I tested, and I will use in future! Thank you Alfred and Wosven!
  23. Great tip, but I think an option will great, if I no see this character when read text.
  24. Here is an example: "A" letter on end of line, but start a new sentence. If I can set a parameter (in paragraph settings) for "one letter drop to new line", that's will be great.
  25. Hello, I wrapping a book, and a letter many times goes to end of line (this letter is "a" what is "the"). How can I set Publisher for one character drop to new line automatically?
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