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  1. Thanks, I uploaded two project files: older afphoto too (what opened with Publisher), and current project in afpub with PDF. I hope can resolve this problem for PDF export.
  2. Yes, I tried with Advanced settings too or higher PDF levels. Nothing helped. I need merge all layers with effects for leave borders, but this work is not elegance, and destructive.
  3. Sorry @dominik, not helped, border is there. If I turn off all effects, then will hide this border And next interesting thing: I have an older project, what exported without problem a few month ago, there is borders too now in PDF... Here is an example: On bottom text I used Gaussan blur at 0,1px , Outer shadow (opaxcity 100%, Radius 33,6 px, Offset 0), and layer opacity is 75%, but type is normal. 🙄. (Renamed topic, because I think effects on text can generate this problem)
  4. @Gabe can I upload a dropbox for you? This project include a few copyright items.
  5. Dear developers, I made a cover, but after PDF export get a border to title, what I set to Soft Light mode. Here is this title in Publisher beta: And after PDF export: And on back cover too: I used these effects on Tiltle: It I turned off ALL effects, then border not shown, but I need all used effects (outer shadow and inner glow important). How can I solve this bug?
  6. @biju You no opened this PSD as mockup. Please check in Preferences -> General -> Import PSD as smart objects as possible option, and open this PSD again!
  7. @Chris B Thanks for reply, program has not crashed, just PSD layout...
  8. Dear developers, I downloaded this mockup pack, and I opened .PSD's in Photo, but mockups crashed. I tried in Ps CS3, and showed perfect. Here is the pack, it's free and please test it in Photo: https://mockups-design.com/free-magazine-mockup/ Update: I re-sorted layers, and here is a nearest version in latest Affinity beta (v647): https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar9GB-v89284grQpdquL3Q9kABBFHA?e=K0l5i4 Missing Live Mesh Filter, or if can integrate to Live Perspective tool, thats will better: corners set perspective with move tool, and lines can change mesh when edit with node tool... Hm?
  9. Hmmm.. I don't understand. I created a new file with same parameters, and put all item to new project with clipboard, but in this project masking was worked. Back to original project, and there is not working. Same program, same layers... I cannot share my project as public, because include copyrighted photos, but this is interesting... Old project was new, made by 1.8.2 version, not older version... Update: ok, this is not bug! Sorry developers! My Paint Brush Tool opacity was 0% when I changed to white. Sorry.
  10. Dear developers, Please check a mask bug in Photo persona in latest beta: create two artistic text layer group these texts add a mask to group use paint brush tool on mask I used White or Black color, but results same: I've got mask hole, cannot use white color for perfect mask. I checked this under Affinity Photo, and there is same problem. Update: this is not bug! Just a user problem: Paint Brush Tool was 0% opacity on white. Sorry!
  11. Yes, zoom will fixed this. If use as mask layer, then zoom no problem. Ok, this is just a display bug, thanks!
  12. Hello, I make a bookmark, and I add exposure to image, but this doesn't work on bleed area when I use as sub-layer, and no like mask. See my example, and please fix this in next version if bug: This working as mask:
  13. Thank you @Sean P, I'm sad, but understanding this technology problem.
  14. Dear developers, I have a problem with EPS import. I downloaded this vector pack what include an EPS and a JPEG: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/set-people-character_4486128.htm When I opened in AD, then I get a few group, but thats no correct, curves mixed. If I open this EPS in Illustrator, then I get correct groups: every person a group. If I export this EPS to SVG by Illustrator, and open exported SVG in AD, then groups will ok. Please check, what's problem with groups in EPS import, because I don't want use Illustrator. Thanks!
  15. Dear developers, I find a bug, when I export my project to JPEG. My project is CMYK, and when I select More button on JPEG export, then Publisher has closed. Please fix this before release new final version! If you need my project, please add a dropbox link for upload (my project include a few stock photo). Thanks!
  16. Hello, I made a few layouts for basic cartoon pages. My template created for A4 page, and I used margins 10mm. I created 1/4, 1/3, 2/3, 1/2, full width picture boxes, and few combinations. Here is my Publisher template, and assets for add quick boxes. I used Master pages for guides and layouts. I hope will more creative layout from anyone for cartoons. Use free, and enjoy! Here is two files in one pack: Basic cartoon layouts.zip
  17. This bug fixed in beta! I tested, and I can use bleed again under Photo Persona! Love it! Thank you developers!
  18. Great thanks, and I tested! I working again with my press things (bookmarks, covers, etc.), thank you!
  19. Hello, I tested version, and opened a Publisher file with bleed. Show bleed option default turned on, but I see empty frame. Turn off and on bleed again, then I see correct picture/layer on bleed too. Please fix this! Before: After turn off and on:
  20. @MEB and @Wosven thank you for great test, and I waiting final result for this interesting thing.
  21. Wow! Nice find! And I think this feature is no problem with @carl123 trick: if need change ALL items to same, then will change in Photo, if need different change to each, then I will open with Photo first, and in next step Edit in Publisher or Designer. I tested on bottles: opened embedded image of Right bottle in Photo, and renamed a layer. When opened Middle bottle and check same layer, there is renamed layer. Worked as same objects. opened in Publisher, and rename embedded layer in Left bottle, but under Middle bottle not changed. Worked as different embedded objects. Great find! Thank you!
  22. And here is next problem: I used a pixel layer for base color, and filled with grey over black. Look result: filled only Canvas, bleed no. Tried Unclip canvas feature too, no helped. Please fix this bleed bug, please!
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