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  1. Great! And I hope will there a menu in future for "Edit in Publisher" too
  2. This bug is there in version 188, but live perspective filter working now correctly (for me). But here is steps for reproduce ghost square on left corner: - open an image - create a rectangle lajer with gradient - place an image, and modify with live perspective filter - check in and out gradient and placed image layers. What happened (leave background image always on!): - if gradient and placed image layers is turned off, then ghost cut missing, everything is ok - if turn on perspectived layer only, then ghost cut no show, but if turn on gradient layer too, this cut will showing - if turn off gradient layer only, but placed image leave on, then cut is there
  3. @Chris B That's great news! I waiting for a new version, if you can fix this!
  4. Hello, I found this bug after add Live Perspective filer (what buggy yet): - open a picture to background - add a rectangle and set fill to gradient - add a picture, and use Live Perspective filter What is bugs? - filter is crop the (second added) parent picture. I solved if duplicate picture, and delete original filtered picture. - show a transparent cut and a blurred area over project. I check out added picture and gradient too, but no helped and I cannot delete this. Project close and open not helped. See my attachment.
  5. Dear developers, I tested these steps: - open a picture in AP - select File menu -> Edit in Designer... - open in Designer, and switch to Photo as same trick: File -> Edit in Photo... - I cannot close AP or AD, because I get a window:
  6. Hmmmm... This is a great version, but I missed a few things: - Live Mesh Warp Filter for mockups. I wait this function without rasterize. - Switch to Publisher and back like as AP to AD and back from File menu. How can we testing crossing compatibility with Publisher? Ex. copied Artistic text from AP to Publisher with clipboard - not possible now an vica versa. - I see filler text option in AP, but I no find where is this text (in Publisher there under Preferences). I will testing more
  7. I use pixabay, and if I need switch from AP to Designer for pixabay, and back to AP... Joke. I use often Unsplash too, these websites are greats. But I hope these will support in AD and AP (and Publisher) too... Ok, I see Pixabay added to this build. I1m happy!
  8. Great features, developing, and wow! I can't wait new windows version! But I don't understand your logic with stock photos: in Photo support for Unsplash and Pexels, while in Designer support for Pixabay. These great stock places, I love them, but why not support all of them in AP and AD too?
  9. 174 loading is faster than Photo or Designer. I hope AP and AD 1.7 versions will faster in future like AP now.
  10. Have an important PDF export bug in version 167 ! Under 162 was not, please check before install new version, and make backup! Same projects, same PDF export profile, but different results! More info here:
  11. Ah, ok, I see on toolbar. I searched on window statusbar under layers. Thanks, I will use this feature from toolbar in Publisher
  12. Dear developers, Please add a Group layers button to layers windows footer (as in Photo: left side of Add layer button), because I use often, and one click is simpliest like a keyboard combination (CTRL+G) for me. I missed from Designer too. Thanks, if you can make it! (sorry, bad forum, please move this topic to suggestions, thanks!)
  13. Same here. I have a few images in my project, but I cannot use HSL adjustments.
  14. @Uwe367, yes, Publisher faster than Photo or Designer. I like it! I hope Photo and Designer will be same speed.
  15. Great, I see came out this version! Many thanks for quick fix!
  16. Dear developers, I have a little problem with background rasterize: if I no use Picture box, just place an image, and I use bleed, then rasterize function not working correctly: image will rasterize to cropped size, not to bleed. Need rasterize to real size + bleed, because after crop base, leave a line, if cropping not exactly.
  17. It's ok, but working is not logical. At first when I select frame, I can check hyphenation, and working all parameters, and hyphenation is working too. But when used hyphenation, parameters not working, but is checkbox selected? I think checkbox is selected, then parameters will enabled. And when I select a linked frame, not text, and change hyphenation, then apply to ALL text in frames, but if I double click to text, and select a paragraph or text (inside frame), then can I set to only that's hyphenation parameters.
  18. Hello Chris, Here is my video, with two bugs: - linked frames no inherit hyphenation settings - active hyphenation settings, but inactive options https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ar9GB-v89284gYxGp3fPT8WtcHB22Q I hope these bugs will fix in future versions.
  19. Hello Chris, Ok, I will make a video, but give a few days, while I can create it. Thanks!
  20. Yes, same issue here: older version created afpub file open and save thsis file, then size will double. BUT: if use save as, then file size is normal on second file.
  21. I will try this replace tip, great thanks! Update: this non-breaking space tip was the best, I tested, and I will use in future! Thank you Alfred and Wosven!
  22. Great tip, but I think an option will great, if I no see this character when read text.
  23. Here is an example: "A" letter on end of line, but start a new sentence. If I can set a parameter (in paragraph settings) for "one letter drop to new line", that's will be great.
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